Eridium Discounts?

The event states that more eridium will drop… it has been. Where are the discounts? Gun Gun and Anoint machine still cost the same. I already have all the stuff earl sells.

Assuming that Earl is where you get the discount, the only discount. Just really seems pointless. Even for someone who don’t have earls’ items. I was waiting for today to do some anoints on my gear. Yea, we might get more eridium, but the cost should have been discounted also.


Anoint changes need a discount…BADLY!


Have you tried the slot machines?

I read this in the Gauntlet narrator’s voice. :laughing:


no I didn’t. Do people actually use them?

yup… very bad. I went through 19K yesterday on a shield trying to get the right anoint… and I still didn’t get it. I wouldn’t even mind the price if they allowed a class to roll there respective anointment.

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Is Hemo discounted?


EVENT is pretty much a whiff on GB’s part…

Lack of effort

For hermi
Literally a line of code needs changed…500…to 100
ONE digit of that code

Same for anoint changes
remove ONE digit in the line of code
Changes 250…to 50

I have played for over 8 hours and have 2400 Eridium using the mysterious artifact and NOT farming for Eridium…just playing my new Zane…testing builds and equip and trying to just have …fun… Gee what a concept.

And with a “special” event…I have enough Eridium for a Hermi fight and maybe one anoint change…if I’m lucky.

How do these guys miss it so badly…These self inflicted wounds…

Astounds me…

I am REALLY starting to think these guys went to the Bungie school of unmerciful grinding…

And maybe even have ex Bungie guys on the “Economy Team”

Game feels Like Destiny 2 in this regard and I HATE that!

Eridium Economy right now is HURTING constant playing…and is NOT enticing enough to keep you grinding.


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Hermi isn’t really a problem, solong as you leave vermi you can port to the beginning and re-kill hermi every time (I did this 20 times before looking it)

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True….but how many folks know that trick?

It boils down to “intent” and “effort”…

If the intent was to make the event popular with fans.

Then the effort they used was inappropriate.

At least to me….

Especially with how easy it would be to change costs.

I used to buy all the Gearbox chatter on how difficult it was to Buff or Nerf things.

Then me, a retired old grunt infantryman with no programming experience whatsoever ran into some very easy mod methods popularized by shadow evil.

Literally a change in seconds. Many times just one word or one number in a line of code. And if I can do it, anyone can do it…and certainly a developer at gearbox can do it in their sleep.

“Tyson needs eridium discounts BADLY!” LOL, you just made me snort a little, thanks for that.

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All the streamers and youtubers whining and over-exaggerating about their “tens of thousands” of eridium and nothing to spend it on and claiming that its a perfectly average amount despite being in the top 1% of players in terms of playtime, then gearbox goes and adds repeatable ways to spend eridium but WAY overprices it so that everyone burns through their stashes instantly and now we have to farm eridium a bunch too adding on to the grind

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As a new player I’m very disappointed they didn’t at least add discounts to Hermovorous and the re-roll machine.

I could live with the cost of rerolling if it worked like Division 1 recalibration, where it is expensive but you get to choose from a list of possible rerolls. Otherwise, just make it cheaper. I’d rather just play the game than be forced to obsessively farm eridium or use save exploits.

I honestly don’t understand this somewhat confrontational perspective against streamers and content creators. If they’ve played hours a day since release they’re absolutely going to have tens or hundreds of thousands of Eridium.
I don’t recall anyone ‘whining’ about it and I certainly don’t recall anyone asking GBX to fail hard at basic math. Nobody is happy about this.

In light of the careless implementation of the reroll machine it’s vastly overpriced no matter how long you’ve played.
Consider trying to get the desired anoint on several hundreds of pieces of gear to fit different builds for all four VHs with a reroll mechanic that easily burns through tens of thousands in a few minutes without giving a single desired anoint, while merrily repeating undesired ones again and again with no sanity checks to stop it. Consider doing it all over again because of a level cap increase. And again because anoints were altered.
It’s not going to happen.

GBX have implemented a pure MMO mechanic but in so primitive a fashion that actual MMO players would laugh them into the street.
Place the blame where it belongs - squarely with GBX - rather than feed into a narrative of division that doesn’t exist.

My annoyance is that content creators made their amounts of eridium seem like it was perfectly average despite their vastly higher play times than most meaning the eridium costs were seemingly based around these claims that having tens of thousands of eridium was perfectly normal and average. Don’t get me wrong, I love borderlands content creators but this just drives me nuts as to how overblown the eridium ‘issue’ was before rerolls and hermi

Your telling me you wouldn’t spend 700+ Eridum on a non-anointed gun….

Yea neither would GB

If you say so, I don’t know which CCs you’re referring to or what they said and in what context.

Thing is, GBX can easily access significant amounts of data through Shift - including things like average amounts of E on active accounts adjusted for playtime. If they ever even heard what these CCs said they were the ones with access to accurate numbers on which to base their decisions.
Their call, their fault.

The youTubers do a tremendous service for us…their knowledge is incredible.

But they do make money off that service which I don’t begrudge at all. Tremendous time, effort and care go into their products.

The other “But” is they are so far from representing the “average gamer” that it isn’t even funny.

And game companies listen to them far too much. which I also don’t blame as they are tremendously influential.

I just wish they would visit their own forum a bit more to get a better insight from “the average joes”

And maybe update their own official website which still lists all the skill trees and limits the skill builds to level 65…

I mean…how embarrassing…their own official site…

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Would be nice to see some discount of some kind to reroll things instead of the steep price. But we all know what the answer will be on this. Nothing at all.
Like talking to a brick wall if you want to them to pay attention to anything the game needs or would like to have on it.