Eridium Event Let down

For the folks having some hours into the game, this event could have been so much more because as soon as you hit 50, eridium kind off becomes this currency that u don’t need…

I was excited about this event as usually, you guys go all in.

I was hugely disappointing by the skins (most you can’t re-dye hair - they all have problems with non-dye-able areas) and heads (many are just … weird and annoying - again why are so many Amara heads basically rejects from a poor quality future dystopia?

I was hoping that this event would add more stuff actually interesting and worth buying. Yes, I know the completionists will go for it and yippee to them.


The event is a HUGE let down. They should have guaranteed a legendary in Earl’s vending machine or something. All the events so far have been lame, tbh. I don’t understand what the thinking was behind it.

may not be useful now - but may well be useful for those who dont have loads of eridium or want to save a bunch ready for the level cap increase.

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Both of my 50s - not to mention my other characters - still need a fair bit of Eridium to acquire all of the stuff from Earl. Getting to 50 didn’t magically give it all to me.

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Every event is a let down if you ask me. Events either increase drop rates of items that were already easy to get from specific bosses or this event of giving more Eridium. I have thousands of Eridium I don’t use or need and this event wants to give me more…

These events are so lack luster that I barely even care. If you are new to the game or just hit max level the events are cool, but if you have some time in the game these events are of no concern to you.

I’m not even getting extra Eridium!! Nor am I getting the discount from Earl. I know my game is up to date because regular enemies are occasionally dropping 1 eridium bar & I do have the slot machine discount but when I break a node I’m still only getting 3 out of it. I haven’t paid enough attention to boss fights to see if they drop extra. I haven’t tried mayhem mode but I am playing TVHM.

Every event has been total garbage.

And next weeks is already sank cause if it’s anything to do with Follow your favourite Borderlands streamer!..

I’ll just wait til halloween.