Eridium event vending machine

So I just read that gearbox reads all the comments and such we post about Bl3 and wanted to share my thoughts on events. I understand that they are a good thing in games and provide the players (us) with things to do outside of the endgame grind. But in my opinion locking loot behind a timed event in a game that is all about loot feels disrespectful to people who dont have time to do the events. So to fix this problem I feel like GB should add a new vending machine that only sells event rewards that can be purchased with eridium thus solving the problem of items only being limited time. They could start by adding all the loot from the previous events( example would be the ghast call and wedding invitation) and then adding the rest (yellowcake) when a particular event ends. This would allow players to still participate in the events to get them but also not make players who dident have time (or mabey just dont have a constant connection to internet) to not feel like they missed out on loot. Just my two cents but I feel like being able to use terror anoints at level 57 could diversify builds. Furthermore being able to buy loot with eridium would simply give us more reason to go back and run around on maps instead of just rushing to the boss. More options equals more longevity. Let me know what you think

I wouldn’t worrry. Most guns have to be legendaries to stand a chance at being effective. Any purple or blue weapon available in Earl’s vending machine is mostly likely just a collector’s item.

That’s my point why add loot to a game about loot if you only going to make it obsolete or remove it from the game completely a week or two later. This would allow players to get it both ways once at a low level( new players)to decide if they like it by participating in the event and then give them a way to get it again at MH 10 level 57 buy using the otherwise pointless eridium. On another note adding a reroll option to the shop would be nice just stop buy see if you want anything there and if not spend 50 eridium to reroll the shop.

maybe the upcoming patches fix all weapon scaling so that all items can be useful? I

I hope so man but that dosent fix me wanting an anointed ghast call grenade lol. I haven’t played any events cause I dont have internet available that is good enough to game with so I missed out on those weapons. Keep watching people destroy everything with the new cartel event stuff lol sucks knowing I not get to play with that stuff