Eridium Fabricator (gun gun)

Can we get a fix for this gun , each time I reset tvhm I get a new one …

Can’t we change the reward for reset plays … Say ten eridium

It’s the only way to get another one if you sold it from your 1st play through.
It’s a mission reward… Just sell it.

O have one on my wall, rest I do just sell … But kind of feels redundant as it poses no real collectability it’s like the skin rewards … Great on normal, but come tvhm give us a different skin so it feels a little more rewarding

Yea i see what your saying but it’s a unique mission reward and the only way to get it. The same can be said about a lot of those rewards.
That one more in particular though because it has no level…

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It also doesn’t take up backpack space. So I leave it on me instead of wasting bank or wall space on it.

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Wait where is this loot wall? I’ve heard avout it before. Is it the claptrap’s side quest?

No… It’s in your room where safe is. There are weapon mounting plaques on the wall across from the safe.(unless your Amara then it’s on the same side as your safe)
You can mount weapons and gear on them.
They look like TV screens or monitor screens.


I did that but when you’ve reset tvhm a few time and carrying about seven of them you have to start off loading them