Eridium for changing weapons/gear?

Would it be at all possible for Earl to be able to re-roll a piece of gear for eridium in the future?

I’ve long since bought everything Earl has in his shop and Eridium is just as useless as money now. And one thing I’d love to have is the option to take an annointed gun, and change the annointment to something I actually want. Or swap an element, or get a new random stat-roll.

I imagine something like:
1000 Eridium swap to a new annointment of your choosing
500 Eridium random new annointment

And something similar but slightly cheaper for Elements, and for classmods it could be just random new roll (getting to spec your own classmod would be way to OP).

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I don’t care about having a feature to reroll a weapon to get god tier as I think that takes the fun away. I just want to be able to change my favorite sight.

The possibility to edit/re-roll guns and gears is something that have been requested many times in the past and Gearbox answer always been a clear “not going to happen”.
What most (Including me.) wanted is way to use parts found on one gun and use it on another one. Does’t look too unbalancing to me… but still “nope”.
Buying your favorite annointement for a mere 1000 Eridium would be a tad op! It’s not something I ever expect to see even at a much higher cost.

I’d love to be able to change parts, even if it cost hundreds of eridium, and sacrificing a gun just for one part. Ha, I’ve made whole threads on this.

I wish they would already, I’ve wanted it since BL1. They could make some ridiculous requirements, and I’d still do it. And it would add to build depth and end game content.

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The prices are irrelevant. I just want a use for the currency. It got useless REAL fast in this game.

Even if they made a slot machine with 1k eridium cost for random oranges that would at least be something.

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