Eridium is useless in the endgame

I think crazy earl should sell anointed legendary items or even be able to anoint gear you already have by him or one of the sirens I mean once you have everything from him there is no point to eridium I think if they had something like this in the game it would make collecting eridium worth it and make the game less grindy to a point you can work for something you really want.

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I know a lot of purists will cry offence, but I think Borderlands could use some crafting. Nothing major, but definitely some way to benefit from the collection of all this stuff that we don’t want or use.

i’d like to see something similar. We have the ability to see what part of the weapon is giving specific attributes, it’d be nice to be able to use eridium to change 1 unwanted value to something we actually want. Like a 3x scope on a pistol change to a 1.5x scope, or even removing it completely to roll for an extended mag

I thought when i initially saw that these values on the gun when we inspect them, there would eventually be some way for us to customize a gun we liked, but this was completely useless.

I used to be against crafting. Well, I’m still against completely crafting your own gun. But after spending a decent amount of time in this game, I realized that there’s enough RNG layers that a crafting system would be okay. There should be some way to alter Annointments, Class mods, and maybe Artifacts.