Eridium locations

Can anyone help with the location or eridium loacations…

Eridium is part of the world drop, so there’s no specific location for it. Generally, you’ll find either eridium, cash, or health thingies in the various types of cash box, as well as lockers, chests, fridges, and washing machines. You can also have it drop from random enemies or pop out of the various poop piles around the game.

If you’re specifically trying to get eridium to max your storage and ammo slots, most people farm either the Warrior, the Handsome Sorcerer, or the Ancient Dragons. Note that you can farm them on any mode (eg normal) and you will still have the eridium when you restart in a higher mode (eg UVHM).

I found out that if I keep killing Bad Maw and respawn I can get unlimited eridium. Trying to see what other areas I can do that as well.

In that case, any of the respawning story bosses - you could make a circuit of the easier-to-get to ones. For example, if you’re already doing Bad Maw, then Doc Mercy and the Southpaw Assassins come to mind. Or you could just hit BNK3R repeatedly. Most folks I’ve played with prefer either the Warrior, Sorcerer or Dragons, though, because they drop a much larger amount of eridium per killl, and you just have to save-quit-restart to repeat the fight.

Most of the named bosses do give Eridium on death, but the ones @VaultHunter101 mentioned seem to drop the most, I haven’t done Ancient Dragon, but I have farmed The Warrior and The Handsome Sorceror, and they do drop quite a bit.

The easiest to farm for me is the Handsome Sorceror, just because you can fast travel right to his zone, run past all the enemies and with Krieg, kill all 3 of him in almost 1 Rage Cycle. And he has 2 lovely vending machines to sell all the loot, then log-out/log-in - repeat.

On the Warrior, I average about 20 eridium per kill; haven’t kept track on the Sorcerer, but it’s similar. The Dragons drop much more, plus there’s all the chests you can loot afterwards.

Ancient dragons of destruction raid boss can be farmed continiously for easy eridium by switching to TVHM mode, but it feels like exploit and I wouldn’t recommend doing it.

I have only done Tiny Tina’s the once, solo, so I didn’t even try the Dragons, and after watching some people taking them on solo only by glitching thier weapons for infinite ammo (why bother), I figured I might not be quite up to it yet on Krieg.

Plus, considering the fight wasn’t that quick even with them cheating, the Handsome Sorceror can be dead in 5-10 mins (I haven’t timed it, but he goes down quick to Krieg, and will go even quicker if I head back to NVHM at 54 to farm Eridium).

I will have to grow a pair and try to take on the Dragons at some point

A lot of the minibosses in the game drop at least one or two pieces of eridium on kill, so there’s an option if yu have the time. A really quick and somewhat easy boss to farm eridium from is Henry, who is just a few steps away from the Overlook spawnpoint. You can also check the stalker refuse piles scattered around her arena for eridium as well, making it fairly lucrative. Not to mention you can farm her rare heads while you’re at it.

If you’re strong enough or do it on a lower difficulty, Ancient Dragons drop around 80 per kill. If not, Warrior and Handsome Sorcerer as mentioned above are the next best choices, but yea you can get it from just about anything.

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I am only level 18 at the moment. Playing Co op with another person…same level.

Ahh I suppose those are all ruled out then! lol just keep chipping away at the story, you’ll find plenty along the way until you can farm the warrior.

Well if you don’t mind getting over-level for the main quest, you could try Tiny Tina’s, though I am unsure of the minimum level, as it felt like that DLC dropped way more Eridium than any other part of the game in general.

But the side-quests and farming bosses will end up getting you over-level for the main quest anyway.

Ok, Thank

Counted what I collected once, but can’t remember the exact figure, but I think it is about 80 per round,

just ask, I would be glad to help anyone as long as they have the DLC (xbox 360 only at this time)(9pm to 12:30am EST)

Think it the Minimum level it starts out at is level 30ish

I have Xbox 1 but have all the DLC so it shouldnt be an issue

only issue is I don’t have Xbox 1 yet (maybe in about 2 weeks) when I get it, I’d be glad to help out if you still needed it.

Would also suggest that, if you do get someone to farm eridium for you, don’t buy Crazy Earl out, leave at least 2 item’s in there. Remember you still have TVHM and UVHM where you need to buy one Item from crazy Earl to keep the main story line going.
I know I have bought everything from him on a few toons in NVHM and have had to call on friends or open the game up to public to get past that spot.


In TVHM and UVHM, Scooter will tell you to go buy something from Earl, but you don’t actually have to. There’s no objective for it.

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For low level characters, you can search all of the lockers in the bottom floor of the HQ in Sanctuary (where Tannis is). Seems like 90% of the time I’ll find 1-4 Eridium in one of the lockers or washing machines there. Save & quit and repeat. Very slow way, but it’s easy and practically guaranteed. At that point in the game, you’re trying to afford the 4-16 Eridium upgrades, so it’s a lot more worthwhile than it sounds.

Another option is to do some Mercenary Day runs if you have that DLC. Killing the Snowman boss at the end often drops 3-7 Eridium each time, and the train chests afterwards are guaranteed to have 2 spots that are either heads/skins for that DLC, or a 4-pack of Eridium. Lately it seems like one of the two is the 4-pack of Eridium on most runs. So that would be an average of probably 8 Eridium or so per Snowman kill + Train chests.