Eridium mineing tool bug Need a solution ASAP

Okay theres a issue im haveing i was farming legendarys cash eriduim trying to get good things but for the past 2 days ive had an issue i have the eriduim mineing tool but my game acts like i dont ive tryed reseting my xbox hard resets cache cleaning and more still the issue remains and this sucks beacuse this is my lvl 50 siren if you know a fix that works please be serious about it and tell me . thank you.

Do you mean the glove thing that lets you smash the purple eridium crystal? I never get that thing to activate on my first try, always my second or sometimes third try. I think it’s because we need to be super close to the crystal before the glove detects it, like actually touching it and looking directly towards it.
I don’t know about any bugs, all i can suggest is to get as close to it as possible before using your melee, and also look downwards unless you’re smashing a defeated annointed.