Eridium or purple E coin is unlimitd in the game or it's a limited coin(Solved)

i am not a end game players, just starting the game three big main camp mission , i just use it to buy one gun long ago(as i did’t know it’s used purple coin then), and i wonder it’s a farming coin in the game or limited coin in the game, so i am afraid when i used of them, i can’ t resupply them in the game, it prevents me to spend them in the purple vendor machine.

There’s an unlimited supply. You get them from breaking purple crystals, and IIRC from beating most bosses.

just finished the forgotten … now i can break the crystal.

thank to know it’s unlimited and can be farming.

After you buy the cosmetics from Earl, there is nothing really to do with them… I’ve collected about 20k since hitting 50 and buying all cosmetics.

Question answered, thread closed.