Eridium vending machine, Just wondering

I’m at roughly 830 eridium bricks (I haven’t farmed any and was out of the country during eridium week) and I haven’t bought anything with them.
I check the vendor every other day or so, but nothing looks all that much better to me than gear I’ve found. Yes, some of the anointed effects would be interesting, but not interesting enough to buy.
I do play Moxxies’ eridium slot machine from time to time, but nothing great there either.
Of course, having something to do with eridium instead of having it all stocked up with nothing to buy as in BL2 is good, but my search for eridium reflex has not been triggered in BL3.

What’s your perception? Are you digging what eridium can do for you in BL3?

With the (mild spoiler?) Eridium Fabricator, it provides an alright alternative to seeing how much you can collect.

that gun cant drop legendarys i shot rougly 50 times in a row and it only dropped max purple (thvm, M3)

I got some nice guns in it, but ironically I got most use while leveling up, everytime my gear gets too below my I can just get a purple gun for a decent price.

It’s also good for if you need some quick cash at lower levels when you’re trying to buy SDUs, but quickly phaseds out.

don’t play at moxxy slotmachine. You can get a good gun from eridum machine. You don’t need to check it up a day by day on it -__- . only go back to menu . and back here again . like you farm a boss
vending machine will update new gun on it.

But Well . you must serious have paintence on it. I spend around 100 or 200 cycle or 4 hour play
for just refresh that vending machine for just a 1 gun is i want. last time …

anyway . you better just go rise up your guardian rank … a good gun drop is come with your rank
a drop quality is equal with your rank .


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I do wish it was in a better place, Earl’s is kind of far and it’s annoying to get down there everytime unlike the other stores in the main deck.

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The way i see it, if ladders can go from common rooms to top deck there should be ladders from common rooms to bottom deck. Then again it’s earl, ellie, and claptrap so maybe we don’t want to give them additional ways up. Just network his vending machine to our room instead…

There has been discussion on adding further uses for eridium. Might have been mentioned on here too, but on a previous discussion, the idea of rerolling gun parts for a price was mentioned, or even gun part swapping as I really want.

I believe that was from my post here (toward the bottom). It was a suggestion based on the realization that once you hit the current “end-game” at level 50 and start farming for legendary Anointed gear, Earl’s Veteran Vending Machine becomes rather pointless. You’ll find that even after you’ve purchased all the cosmetic stuff from Earl, you’ll accrue Eridium faster than you can spend it. I’ve got over 9k Eridium right now, and so it seems fairly obvious that it’s a wasted game resource that can be put to better use elsewhere.

If the feature I suggested to use Eridium for rerolling item modifiers sounds good to you, perhaps I’ll start a separate thread for it so that we can see how many other players are willing to support it.

I think it’s a really good idea, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen others mention it too, so yeah, it could be a good idea to see how interested others would be in it.

BTW I did finally find something in the eridium vendor to use, a nice shield.
So I have now used 250 of my 1,000 eridium…