Eridium. What do you use it for...what would you like to see implemented?

At this point, I’m no longer interested in Blue or Purple items, even if they’re anointed.

So apart from cosmetics, I have nothing to buy from Earl (and I’ve bought all the cosmetics).

Am I missing something to use eridium for? If not, what would you like them to implement as ways to spend it? Or maybe there could be some other use for it?



One thing I’d love is to be able to choose the level you buy from Earl. My max level guys could buy stuff for additional playthroughs at level, which would certainly not be game breaking, but would be fun.

This request was made back in BL2, and I was hoping it’d make it to BL3 (and I’m sure I’m not the first), but the ability to use Eridium as currency to re-part a weapon and/or level one up would be fantastic. The economy should be about the same as farming/receiving one from scratch (like the cost to level up or re-part should be about the same amount of Eridium as you’d get from failed farming attempts in pursuit of a new one). I might even expect some extra charge, interest, CPI adjustments or even just some slop.

It doesn’t really fit with their apparent theme of just rotating through better gear as it’s found (where this proposal would have us keep and maintain gear though the same expense in combat time), but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this would be a welcome addition.


I could see the ability to just randomly reroll a weapons parts/anointment but being able to pick and choose would be pretty op. Personally I’d love to see the grinder make a return now that world drops are abundant


It would be OP, but that depends on the economy. If it cost 9999 Eridium to bump a weapon up by one level or to change the scope, I don’t think that would be overpowered. If it cost 5 Eridium, people would be basically crafting weapons. There’s a sweet spot in the middle somewhere.


It’s good for getting cash to unlock bank slots with the iridium gun. Uhhhh. Yep


Some people may frown upon this idea but I would like to see you being able to buy/swap weapon mods with eridium. Like adding or changing elemental bullets and dare I say change the stats.

Maybe even trade eridium for cash.

You can already trade iridium for cash. Use your eridium fabricator gun and spit out a bunch of guns. Then sell the guns. 1000 eridium = 14 million give or take. FYI :wink:


Add Vendor that lets you trade 50,000 eridium in game to have gearbox send you 1 eridum bar IRL… I cant be the only one that thinks they look like glowing purple candy bars… >.>

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Lol, I forgot about that gun.


Lol everybody does

I think changing weapon parts with eridium +money would be cool. Make it so you have to have both leggos and the one you take a part from is destroyed. So many times i want a differant scope but the one i want is on the same gun but half the mag size.
Also if they want it so everyone doesnt have op weapons, limit it to 1 part per weapon.

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The basic problem is that there are only so many possible uses.

  • Gating content behind an eridium cost (e.g. arenas/raids)
  • Loot sources to which you can pay eridium to improve the loot they drop
  • item crafting (my idea: pay eridium to add or change an anointment)

The problem historically is that gearbox can’t seem to balance the eridium cost against the resultant loot so that the cost is non-trivial and players actually find it worthwhile to use the eridium (e.g. Tina DLC dice chests).

I for one would really like to see a crafting feature. And with some degree of care in the design, such a feature could be useful to players without being game-breaking.

I hoped at one point that the grinder in TPS was a signal they were moving towards weapon crafting of some kind in future games. But having not heard a peep about it from the devs I’m now inclined to suspect that it’s not happening.

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I want to use it for parts reroll at Earl’s.
I use it in the Fabricator to buy SDU’s…

Dam, two uses for Eridium :frowning:
Like yeah a brand new player will use it to get an Epic but at that stage of the game there is minimal Eridium to be accumulated. Weird huh

I don’t remember it that well, maybe on of you does, but Diablo has a system where you can change out properties from legendaries.

I could see building up an “annointment bank” and being able to move them from one item to the same kind of item, or even more like Diablo, say pay 1000 eridium to “learn” an annointment into a library permanently, and then 100 eridium to “apply” it to an item on a case by case basis.

So… we’re all asking for largely the same thing here, no?


Yup, we are. Hopefully they put it in at some point. The way you can inspect parts makes me wonder if they planed on it but ran out of time before release


There are already two other threads on this topic.

Here, and here.

They should probably be merged.

I want places to deposit eridium to spawn raid bosses? Where’s the promised end game content?

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Add legendary tier, vendor specific items to Earl’s machine, that are relevant. Seeing the weapons were cool, but I never bought one. As they are trash now, the machine itself is no longer relevant either.

Of course you would have to make the item cost astronomical. I cannot begin to guess at how many 10s of thousands people have stock piled. Granted I have 143 and farming for 10k would make Jesus weep, but it would be an effective soak and encourage people to have it on hand as it would only make sense to make it a limited time weapon priced item each day or so