Eridium, what is it good for

I have 2000+, almost 2500 right now.

Barely used this for anything, over 72+ hours in.

The game is really easy, so I don’t see a need to get any weapons from Earl, only some shields, sometimes.

What are people doing with Eridium and why?

I use it to see how many guns I can fill the screen with before my game crashes.


as of now no real use after u buy the side stuff if at all for diff looks.same with money once u buy all the upgrades for ammo with money its useless really

u can use it on some guns early to mid game some usefull things from the vending machine next to crazy earl but once u hit past mid game or lv 50 its useless to even look there any more from all the times iv looked.

I hope that the show me the eridium event thats starts on the 8th is where new things get added that u can only buy wile that event is going on.And it will come back from time to to time.

But it will probly just be a +% to how much u pick up at a time.

They do need to add better/new things for money and eridium to be used on

Buying skins and heads feels wrong to me. It feels like a pay to win option.

So now, whether you spent 100 or more plus hours to find an upgrade or if you just purchased it with eridium, nobody knows the difference? Why put that many hours into the game if you can just buy it right now?

Srsly bad game design imo. Guess I’ll hold onto it until maybe some raid bosses come 'round that need it.

ehh… gun skins to make your guns pretty? i guess? other than that pretty useless. would be nice if u could turn it in for money. maybe if u buy a crap ton of guns and then sell them you could just use them for money

@ miles_wimbrow

How are skins (for Characters, Heads, Weapons, Echo’s, and Crew Quarters) and trinkets a pay to win situation? Those items can only be found at Crazy Earls (not picked up in game) and serve no purpose other than to customize the look of your gear and/or room.

I can’t stand wasting in game currency on worthless customization’s. But I have been simply working on buying out everything Earl offers. Other than Gun Gun, Eridium serves no real purpose this time in game. Makes me wish they would have left him as the SDU vendor.

EDIT: Now if those customization’s came with modifiers that improved the characters stats…I would be actually using them instead of just buying them and not using them.

I keep playing, re-playing, as Amara and those heads/skins are not at all exciting for her.

If you need money you can always use GunGun and sell everything.

Go gambling at Moxxi’s.

Save it for DLC stuff that may appear? (Some raids used Eridium in BL2)

Sure, ‘winning’ in this case is just cosmetic and doesn’t change gameplay, but I also consider collecting and finding some things part of playing the game. It also becomes competitive with other players if you’re the one who put in the hours to find every collectible whereas your friend hasn’t. Now, if you can just buy everything with Eridium, I don’t have an incentive to go hunting for items, and the game just lost another dimension and further replayability.

Yes, but did you even read my post. Everything that Crazy Earl sells for Eridium (not his vending machine, but him behind his door) IS NOT FOUND in the game. So the incentive to actually find the rare ones out in the wild still exists. I still say they should have kept Earl as the SDU Vendor. Customization’s are a waste of time in my book, unless you actually get to customize your quarters/living space with physical changes…not lame decals that get slapped on a few places.

:notes: War…huh…whatta is it good for…absolutely nothin’! :notes:

does funky Jacky Chan dance

EDIT: I wish Earl actually had MORE heads to sell, and skins…

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I’ve almost bought out earl’s entire shop minus character specific heads and skins.

His Anointed Vending Machine needs a serious buff. If it could hold legendary items even if they were a huge jack up price like 700+ eridium anoited or not it would be a great benefit. Sometimes people are very unlucky farming, or dont want to use spread sheets to get the guns they specifically like so easily. If they saw it pop up in a vending machine and had a bunch of eridium on them it could probably make their whole week not having to farm it or they saw somethign that looked good at random at it became their new favorite gun.

Thank you, I was gonna feel old if nobody sang that! :laughing: