Eridium will be picked up automatically, right?

They showed off the “refill all” on ammo vendors, please tell me they didn’t forget about eridium.

I saw that after the boss fight some eridium stayed at ground :confused:

Well there’s still a few months, please heed us, Gearbox

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I dunno. If it’s not instanced, then I guess they want us to be able to let others pick it up in co-op, for example.

It was shared in BL2; not sure why it wouldn’t be in BL3 (regardless of instanced or not)?

@Feculator: It’s probably not as important for eridium to auto-pickup as ammo and health (and I’d argue cash was never that important either). Since the amount you can hold in BL2 was capped anyway, once you had your storage maxed and a decent amount on-board, there really wasn’t any point in picking up more. I see a lot of players just leave it at end-game.

It’s still a rather obvious QoL-thing that probably isn’t the end-of-the-world to implement. And the purple line indicator for them could be confused with actual purple drops, especially at a distance.


True, although the shape of the drop is usually enough for me to spot the difference even at a distance. Well, unless it’s a slag weapon with lots of purple glow anyway!

But there is supposed to be no more slag so the amount of weapons with glowing purple bits should be considerably lower ;3

While auto pickup for any item besides equipables would be nice, I somehow don’t see them implementing that.

I think Borderlands devs expressed a concern that having too much be auto-pickup would make the game feel less rewarding (certainly this has been said by other devs in other games).

And it may not be “end-of-the-world to implement” but it’s also not end-of-the-world to live with either. :slight_smile:

If that’s the case, they should add the options to change it in the menu. Default OFF and everyone would be happy.

Seems to me that the indicator showing that your stock of Eridium increased already gives the maximum feeling of being rewarded that a basic collectible that is exactly the same every time could possibly give.

It’s not like gear with different looks, stats and descriptions.

Yes but I have no choice or influence over it, whereas the devs do.
The only influence I do have is making a request on the forums.

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