Ermagerd I love Bitter Riposte!

Combined it with a purple Express Shield. Just everyone freezes themselves and it does a ton of damage lol! I can literally just walk around and not even fire a shot and everyone just kills themselves, its amazing. I just carry around a Jacobs sniper and casually walk around and headshot people after they freeze themselves trying to shoot me. Even Badasses! And airborne enemies just come crashing down, oh how I love it so!

I’m glad that the ice darts travel as fast they do, as well. Hate when skills like this travel so slow as to be useless. Are there any class mods that both fix shields to improve fire rate of the darts (like the creme de la creme mods) but give a boost to Bitter Riposte?

I was wondering how effective that was, I’ll have to give it a try now.

Bitter riposte skill is included in the following mods:

  • Blue Blood - shield capacity, fire rate (I assume guns, not the ice dart)
  • Crème de la Crème - shield capacity, shield recharge delay, shield recharge rate
  • Privileged - fire rate, reload speed
  • Eridian Vanquisher (includes shield recharge rate) legendary mod
  • Celestial Baroness legendary mod