Ernest bugs and glitches

Let’s track Ernest bugs and glitches here?

What I found:

  1. Mine field damage doesn’t count on stats tab after the match. At least in PVE. Always zero. And it doesn’t feel like an ult, the collision range is very small, mobs go back and forth by the mines and they don’t explode.
  2. Reload glitch. Maybe somehow connected with +2 rounds or +25% reload speed helixes. It goes 2-4-6 then 6 is replaced with 4 and reload continues from 4 to 6 and then to 8.

Correct me if I’m wrong and add what you found.

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After respawning, it says I have 6 in the mag until I either shoot or reload. It immediately goes to the right amount, no need to reload, just a visual bug. But I do find his ult to be strong. Decent damage in PVE, great to throw behind a team fight so the fleers get killed. He’s my favorite character for sure.

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Not sure if it’s a bug or feature but Vyn’s Quiver doesn’t give the additional regen for magazine status.

There’s clipping issues with his egg station, and places in Monuments where it can actually be placed inside the wall with barely any target-able area to destroy it.

Glitchy hack for sure.

The discription of Vyn’s quiver states that it has to be bullets in the magazine. Since grenades and rockets aren’t bullets, Ernest and Benedict do not benefit from it.

Miko’s Kunai reload makes the tertiary effect activate, and they certainly aren’t bullets. It’s probably because each rocket/grenade is it’s own reload, so it counts as reloading from empty every time.

I got stuck in third person while in mine field. Caused me to go permanently slow, and couldn’t cancel out of it until I hit a jump pad. Once I did, was still stuck in third person until I used a skill. I wish I had recorded it while it happened, but it happened during the second mini boss on old sentinel. If I can get decent with him (this was my first game), I’ll try to recreate it in solo

That’s freaking cool! And you could fire too. Turns out the game has almost working third person mode, awesome. Why don’t they allow us to use it? At least in PVE…