Ernest Build: Eggcited Defense

Hello everybody. Now I play quite a few matches with Ernest and have a build found is quite good if you want to stop the opponent’s Minions and attacker.
I must say that this build is based on the Defense Egg.

    We play with the Defense Egg and exchange rare to the Attack Egg. In addition, the grenade is good to quickly get away.

    The build is based on the left-hand helix . The Movement Speed ​​debuff is great . Enemy Minions and Thrall are brought down to slow motion . Even opponents find it difficult to avoid in the environment . One should place the egg in unusual places where the enemy does not look the same. In Overgrowth it is quite possible the egg to place above the map without it is discovered quickly .

  3. Helix: TRIGGER DELAY -
    Trigger Delay is great and works well in conjunction with the 5th Helix : EXPEDITED EXPLOSIVES .
    Even if the 35 % damage reduction or increased magazine are useful , the delayed Delay always brings again the damage increase .

  4. Helix: BONUS BOOM -
    For this I need not say much . The grenades are used to get higher positions to achieve or to opponents to throw in their own ranks . The more the better.

    Reduced cooldown on Charge Explosive I gladly with . Especially in combination with the Level 3 helix.

  6. Helix: REINFORCED SHELL or SECONDARY STRIKE (if the enemies don’t care about your Power Egg) -
    . The decloak currently not functioning properly. And because the build is designed on the egg , I tend strongly to longer life for the egg . But actually I use sometimes the mortar shell to get another attack. The minions get destroyed faster and the sentry on incursion can’t evade it.
    If the enemies don’t care about your power egg you can play with the SECONDARY STRIKE

    Reload speed or attack speed ? We do not use the Helix lvl 2 mutation reload speed and we are rarely in attack mode for the attack speed buff. I prefer reload speed .

  8. Helix: HARD-BOILED -
    We only play defense egg. No hard choice :slight_smile:
    The shield is nice but it is easy for the enemy to see it. If you placed your power egg on a stone above the ground the enemy won’t see the radius from your power egg so I’m used to stealth :slight_smile:

    The more I meet opponents better. The more damage i can make the more life I get. After some training with Ernest i use the damage buff now

  10. Helix: GRIDLOCK -
    You have a push and a slow? I like to slow my omelettes :slight_smile:


First item should be a shard item with 0 activation cost. I use it with -heal power.

Second Item I use is the legendary item called “Mag Daemon”: 21% Reload Speed is nice and you get -7% CC-Duration. Third effect is +14.70% Reload speed while sprinting.
On the run you get 35.70% reload speed.

Mag Deamon drops in Saboteur advanced

Third item is Ernest’s legendary called “OMLT Blast Suit”: +240 Maximum Health, +8.40% Reload speed and if I hit with my explosive charge i get back 10% of the damage back as health.

This is my Loadout I use and it’s really great. I don’t use attack speed item. This Build is about reload speed you’ll really need it