Ernest Build: Grenades Galore!

This is centered around sticking behind the front lines, while raining down damage and being primary wave clear. You should always be chucking mines, first at minions then at enemies. The mines is your primary source of kills and wave clear.
Level 1: Eggcelator
The movement speed boost to minions and allies ills extremely strong. If they have a Ghalt, you may want to consider the CC to escape, but it’s generally not worth it.
Level 2: Never Stop Shooting
Ernest needs reload speed badly. This is insane for him. If you don’t have the mutation, I’d reccomend the attack damage. No one should be getting close to you in this build, so the slow shouldn’t be necessary. The movement speed in attack should make defense mode a niche move.
Level 3: Trigger Delay
Necessary for this build. You want to procc Direct Hit constantly.
Level 4: Preference
I prefer Bonus Boom, but if you’re not conscientious with your mined, Chain Reaction is worth it.
Level 5: Expedited Explosives
100% You need this to improve wave clear and start really dealing damage. Level 3 makes this even easier.
Level 6: Secondary Strike
Delayed double damage? Perfect! If you don’t have the mutation, use Reinforced Shell. If there’s many stealthers use Proximity Alarm.
Level 7: Preference
I prefer Greased Canisters, but they both have their place.
Level 8: Over Easy
Rotten Egg isn’t as good as it could be as it should be tucked away. Hard-Boiled is on Defense, which is a very niche tool compared to such a strong shield that recharges.
Level 9: Shrapnel Burst
More damage is always good. This also applies to the mortar. If you need it, you can always take Bombastic Blast.
Level 10: Gridlock
He lacks CC, so this is great for him. As usual, Watch Your Step has its place, especially in PVE.

He should not be played primarily like a support. Place it behind choke points, and help if you can, but your objective should always be damaging the enemy.
Gear is reload speed, attack speed, and skill damage. When you get his legendary, replace the one you find yourself not needing as much. His legendary is a must for this build as he can’t heal himself, and this adds a lot of sustain. I use all whites, but it’s up to you what rarity of each to use. Bola’s could work great on him. So not use Vyn’s Quiver, it does not work great with him. Too small of a mag, and his reload is odd.
Your playstyles should be a constant rain from the background. Shoot minions, chuck a mine, rinse and repeat. You will be lifestealing and getting mortars soon, and that’s where you become truly deadly. Don’t overextend, as you very easily die. Be a background killer. Always deal the most damage. Try to use the movement speed to escorts minions faster. Explode mines in midair for more radius, and lore. Use his ult in an area you need to defend, or behind a team fight to kill stragglers.

This is my all time favorite character to ever exist in a game, so I thought I should make this. When I can, I’ll put something up from the helix editor.
If you have suggestions, tell me what I can do better.

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LOL, of course I’m on all damn day yesterday and they drop him the second I log off. I heard he has 2 shots? I’ll for sure be using the blue double reload for that guy then. Reload speed after reload makes for fast reload! LOL

I find your enthusiasm for the Bombirdier to be entertaining, @epicender584. :wink:

He has 6 in a mag, upgradable to 8. He reloads 2 at a time, similar to Benedict. Without upgrades, super long.

Literally changed the game for me. And just as I was getting good with Alani. But he just clicks with me. I just top scoreboards with him with ease. Everything he can do feels so natural. I do kinda wish there was more to his lore though. He’s really straightforward. I have to edit this, as his pulse mutation feels a lot faster than 1.5 seconds and looks awesome. But seriously, I’m gonna master him ASAP. Already at rank 11.

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i would love to know what logic the devs put into some of these people when there are some guys that literally need a specific piece of gear to function at any level. He sounds like he desperately needs a reload. it just seems like I use the same gear for almost everyone. I don’t use any of the batteries, I don’t use shield regen, I don’t use shield pen, or damage reduction…I have to believe there is a specific way they want you to play them that allows for the functionality of all the choices and not HAVE to take a reload or something else that they rely on.

Well, at level 2 and 7 he gets it buffed, and I have seen Ernest’s without reload, but I do get your point. And idk if it matters, but I’ve used shield regen, batteries, and damage reduction on Boldur. I haven’t used shield pen, but it was useful during Galilea’s hey day and with the bunker buster.

god i cant wait to master him im lvl 10 with him and want to see what his last mutation is

shield pen is absolutely amazing with ernest my gear on him is reload speed with pen, bunker buster, then a 0 cost shard gen

Should I spoil it for you?

Go ahead I think ice seen it before but I forgot it

Bomb Suit
Minus 35% aoe damage. Insane. It’s on level 3 though, which is a great one.

Yeah, I haven’t unlocked that yet so haven’t had to make the hard choice, but that one looks like a great anti OM/Thorn/Orendi/Benedict tool (especially as you can just pop his egg to Defense mode for a bit if things go pear shaped and have 50% DR(!) against their AOEs). I really love trigger delay at that level though. Why couldn’t they put one of his awesome Mutations at level 4, I find both choices there meh for how I have been using the explosive charges…

Just hit level 9 and unlocked Rotten Egg, I plan to try it at least once for grins - I don’t adore the shield, it tends to stick out of the hidey holes I jam the egg in and get vaporized super quick.

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Rotten Egg is shockingly strong. 150 every what seems like 2 second is messed up for a single helix. And yeah, Trigger Delay is great. Especially for this ^ build.

Why not Razzle-Dazzle if you’re using Trigger Delay?

I haven’t got the mortar shell mutation yet, but right now I use the explosive charges more for utility (I take 1R) than for damage, as in the time it takes to throw and detonate a charge I can empty almost an entire canister of grenades. As far as actually using it for damage is concerned, I find myself using it for the opening damage on waves since the AoE range is larger and better for hitting every minion at once.

With skill damage gear and Expedited Explosives, you can hit a minion wave twice and have it cooldown completely. Then take the damage buff and mortar and use his legendary and you can spam it better than Orendi. Popping out extremely easy to hit nearly 300 damage at endgame and then another 300 makes him have better wave clear then Orendi, and a better spammable instant explosion for enemies.