Ernest Defense Egg > Attack Egg

Ok, so the purpose of this post is to try and demonstrate how Ernest’s defense mode egg is superior to the attack mode. I don’t have a clue, nor do I have the means to try and put together a video with dynamic effects, so a regular post and recorded video will have to do. Let’s begin!

The helix choices and gear I chose are all based on the following: Ernest must stay in the lane as long as possible to disrupt minion waves, slow enemy players, and defend team members from aggressive attackers.

Helix choices:

1: Right- Concussive charge
Explosive charges push enemies and Ernest away from the blast when detonated. This skill allows you to push any enemies away from the center of the explosion! Use it to make this flightless bird fly towards safety and push aggressive attackers away from your fellow team members. Great for rescue.

2: Left- Eggslowerator
While in Defense Mode, Power Egg slows enemies in range. The most important helix choice for this build. Anyone caught in the power egg’s effective radius will be slowed. Not for 3 seconds, 2 seconds, etc, but for as long as they stay within the power egg’s reach. May I also add that cloaked enemies walking through will be revealed through the slow effect spiral thingies? Idk what they are called, don’t judge me.

3: M- Mutation M- Middle
Bomb Suit. Grants a damage reduction bonus against area-of-effect damage. +35% damage reduction. THIRTY-FIVE percent. Need I say more? The power egg will almost always be in defense mode, so the added defense bonus will be a great addition to Ernest’s survival. If you do not have this mutation, either helix option will do.

4: Right- Bonus Boom
Increases the maximum number of explosive charges that can be active on the battlefield at once. You can now have up to 4 charges set up around the map at any given time. Set them up whenever they are off of cooldown and activate them when minions or enemies get too close in order to reset their progress when moving through or around the power egg. The more charges, the merrier, I say.

5: Right- Expedited Explosives
Direct Hit reduces Explosive Charge’s cooldown. Rewards accuracy. Landing direct hits will allow you to push yourself (and others) more often. (make sure you push them into inconvenient locations :smiling_imp: (i.e. off of the map, away from heal stations, away from their healers)

6: Middle mutation(Secondary Strike), Left(Reinforced Shell), or Preferably Right(Proximity Alarm)
You can’t go wrong here. It all depends on what map you are playing on, and how many enemy players have the ability to cloak. If the opposite team has a Pendles, always go right. Any enemies that get close to the Explosive Charges when you go with Proximity Alarm, will literally set off an alarm and reveal them. Combines with the Level 1 right helix option, Concussive Charge, enemies that set off an alarm will also take a little flight, giving you enough time to react to any surprise attacks.

7: Right- Greased Canisters
Increases Grenade Launcher reload speed. Faster reloading= shooting more often= more damage. There is nothing more frustrating than having an enemy in your sights and having an empty grenade launcher. Load quickly to destroy quickly.

8: Right- Hard-Boiled
Increases the damage reduction boost imparted by Power Egg’s Defense Mode. I prefer to choose this helix option over the others to try and minimize the damage that any team members are taking inside the power egg’s radius. I’m not familiar with the diminishing returns on damage reduction, but the odds that your teammates are running damage reduction gear is relatively low. Minions passing through will also be harder to kill, which is a plus whenever the shepherd actives the aoe overshield.

9: Left- Bombastic Blast
Increases Explosive Charge’s blast radius. More reach for the explosion allows you to push people around like your very own puppets. Don’t forget to push them into inconvenient locations for them. Towards team members, towards Galilea’s desecrate field…into the deepest, darkest recesses of space…

10: Left- Gridlock
Enemies damaged by Mine Grid are slowed for a brief time. Placement of the mine grid is key. Place them near chokepoints or whenever the enemy over extends. They will either have to take a long detour, leaving them exposed to your team for longer periods of time, OR run through your mines, take damage, aaaaaand leave them exposed to your team for longer periods of time. win-win.

Almost forgot. The gear for this build- Ernest’s legendary, damage reduction w/reload speed, and reload speed w/health regen.
I’ll try to embed the video here. If it doesn’t work ill post a link. I hope this is helpful!

I cant embed videos for the life of me SIGH. Heres a link: Part 1:

Part 2:


Haha, that’s gonna be a hard battle to fight, though you’ve convinced me that defense egg isn’t useless.


Hoooray, I’m glad you find the defense egg to be the opposite of useless. :grinning:

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Well… Not the OPPOSITE; but definitely more viable than i had previously thought. I learned something today, and usually that gives me a headache and angers me; but not this time. Well done.

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While this could be a useful build, I wouldn’t necessarily call it superior to a full wave clear and damage build. Great writeup and videos all the same

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I appreciate your feedback. One of my favorite parts of this build is hiding the power egg near a choke point(something I forgot to mention) and making anyone trying to destroy it an easy, slow moving target. Great for beginners and vets alike with less than superb aiming skills, such as myself :sweat:. Still a fun build though!

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I’m gonna try it, as you were right about Toby with the Vooxis Core (it fels like every minion takes extra damage for all the others, when you fire an arc mine at a group; though i WAS drunk), but i like my movement speed buff for strafing, as well as those GTFO moments.


I will note that if Ernest places his egg directly behind the choke by the sniper perch on Overgrowth, the slow effect reaches anyone trying to jump up on the box to get to the perch from midlane, and makes the jump completely impossible. It shuts down that lane completely, and there isn’t a way to get around it aside from having a double jump / skill to bypass the box in the first place. It’s one of the cheesiest things he’s capable of, besides nuking the sentry from midlane.

That’s probably why I spend so much time dismembering Ernest anytime he does it.


So far i hadnt taken to ernest yet using the highly recommended attack egg, so im eager to try this out and see if it suits my playstyle better. :smiley:


on the few occasions i went up against a defense egg Ernest, my team either lost or it was a very hard fought victory. I’ve witnessed firsthand the increased survivability the egg provides. It is very hard to destroy and even if it is destroyed its up again. Does my heart good to see a strong alternate playstyle.

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Great post. I have always used the attack egg but this post encourages me to try a defense egg Ernest build.

Thanks, glad you liked it. If anything, you can always find a balance of when to switch between the two modes. This will make you more of a threat. Slowing down minions at certain choke points, and then unleashing rapid cover fire in between waves.

I like the dr on minions in meltdown. It takes longer to the enemy and my team can use that time to push them away!! Is so good with any kind of healing for minions.


The problem with playing a hybrid attack/defense egg build is I see the lvl 2 (and to a lesser extent lvl 8) helix choice as a clear crossroads. Without the slow, the defense egg is much less effective, and without the reload or attack damage the attack egg is much less effective. So if I go with the slow, I like to focus on defense egg, and if I go attack damage or reload then I like to focus on defense egg. So I like the idea of going full attack egg build (with the attack egg helix choices at lvl 1, 2, and 8) or a full defense egg build (with the defense egg helix choices at 2 and 8)

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You are right about that, but there are rare instances where you might be better off shooting your grenades with the egg set to attack mode, if only for a brief 5 seconds.

For example, if you are playing incursion and your team was wiped out. You see a wave of minions headed toward you, but you don’t want to drop a slow egg on them because you would become an easy target to the still alive enemy team. You can set your egg in a choke point to slow them down, but they aren’t quite there yet, and they aren’t close enough to shoot at you either. You can use the attack mode egg to wear them down a little bit more before switching to defense mode in order to hold out as long as possible while your team respawns.


Works great with KU vigilance protocol or Ambras spamspots. KU and Ernest were made for each other.

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image Are they? A good melka destroy both i dont want to be in the same lane alone with ku vs a good melka


Good thing there are maybe 2 good Mells on Xbox and I only see them at odd hours lol


Once i thought of using the slow egg vs @EdenSophia

I was like

Eden didnt care of the slow… She crit me all the way to KFC.

Fun times! Maybe she will make a comeback with the next update.


Yeah a good mell is immune to slow. A pull is just asking to get spiked.
That meme is perfect lol