Ernest Discussion

I’m sure there have been several threads about this already. But I couldn’t find them and didn’t have time to look really hard, sooooo…

Played Ernest for about three hours. I only played PVE and some bot matches. And I can say without a doubt he is going to get hit hard with a nerf.

Overall a very fun and versatile character. His grenade launcher can hit at range as well as up close. Harder to hit quicker and smaller characters with it. Power egg can easily give you the leg up in fight. After only a few matches I got to where it felt horrible to not be under the power eggs effects.
Sticky Bomb is also fun to use and can be use in many ways. I use the knock back to help me separate my self from melee characters. I also set up a series of them to quickly dispatch minion waves. Adding in his mutation that also fires a mortar round after detonation. As far as his ult goes it’s great for team fights or quickly dispatching large minion pushes.

Ernest is pretty squishy and if players don’t pick the knock back on the grenade he doesn’t have any escapes. Again his damage seems a bit too high and I see him getting a hard nerf.

He needs a health nerf, a nerf to his mine cooldown reduction helix, and a slight main weapon damage nerf. Nothing more.

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Do you feel his defense mode on egg is good

Don’t see him getting a hard nerf. A decrease in damage dealt by the area shots maybe. But I honestly think he’s In a good place

Honestly, without the slow, no. Even with it it’s meh. Buff the reload speed instead.

Yeah I really thought the eggs defense would be the big deal not the offense

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Same, but the damage reduction is only useful for some team fights, ults, and saving allies. Very niche. Potentially amazing (ulting Montana with Hailstorm), but otherwise…

Maybe that is what they meant by outside the box, his mines can be used defensive in ways just fine, but I feel the percentages on the modes (some tweaks of course) should be reversed

Possibly. I feel like his mines are too easy to use for offense, just chucking and exploding in midair. Oddly enough, his lore encourages that.

Yeah that part is weird with lore it could be changed to sticking a battleborn and blowing it up when he is near another battleborn for that “outside the box thinking”

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It seems to blow up on its own while the target gets hit though, so that probably wouldn’t work very well. It also seems to come unstuck from Kelvin if he uses his sublimate.

I’ve had mixed results now that I think about it, and the overview shows it sticks, so a bug maybe

Yeah, it definitely does stick to people. It’s just that I’ve noticed that when I try to leave it stuck to them to detonate when they run away that after a couple of hits from the launcher or sometimes even teammates or minions it just blows up on its own, and against Kelvin it seems to fall off if he uses sublimate.

Unless in team fights I’ve not had much reason to use the defense buff. Generally people build for attack damage so to boost attack speed and reload would be the better option unless your falling back.

The grenades do fall off of stuck players but I’m not sure if it’s due to a timer or range or the grenade taking damage.

As far as the fixes I think Gearbox will hit him, I think his damage will get hit pretty hard, or at least his direct hit damage. I’ve killed squishy characters in 6-8 hits. I agree they will tweak some of his helix choices. But again I’ve yet to play PvP with him. These are just my humble opinions.

Btw if you play against bots, Alani has it out for Ernest. Lol.

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Also I though I saw footage of Earnest gliding but have yet to figure out how. Am I mistaken?

When he jumps his mechanical wings stick out. No effect other than hilarity, sadness, and awesomeness. It is fun though to hit him with Boldur Dash and really watch him fly.

Ernest is only a powerhouse when he’s in his egg and it’s on attack mode. An Ernest without his egg is like a Pendles without stealth, useless and not that scary to handle on your own. I can’t see any reason why Ernest would need a nerf. GBX learned from their past mistakes with Alani’s release and since then, Pendles, and now Ernest. Neither of which have needed a nerf.

I know it’s still early on, and everyone always says this, but learn to counter a character, and what they’re weakness’s are before asking for or even mentioning a nerf. You see an Ernest, look for his egg, destroy egg, Ernest is now a very weak Benedict.