Ernest Egg protectors

I just want it to be known that if you pick Ernest and continue to throw your eggs inside of a wall so they can’t be destroyed…

You make me very sad and do not have much dignity. I hope you get matched against several premades over the course of one night.
Please stop doing what you are doing.


I’ve only ever done that by once by accident, and it’s almost pointless because a good 80% of the time nobody tries to destroy them anyway. Plus I use Rotten Egg and try to position them to get some damage on the minion wave.

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True…not many people try to break the eggs. I do get very sad though when people plant them in walls and I can’t kill them with ranged attacks. It’s an intentional glitchy thing that hurts the game as a whole and I think it needs to be acknowledged.


Where can you do that? I know you can put them in a few higher places but have yet to see a magic wall I can glitch it into…

Idk I’ve seen a few walls on overgrowth that the egg can “hide” inside of. It won’t let me shoot it but I can generally melee it if I pay enough attention.

It’s mostly on Overgrowth. There’s a couple places where the walls aren’t fully collisioned up.

Try the step in front of the sniper perch on Overgrowth. Most deployables will to into it if you try to place it on top.

Good teams always do, and they should.

I main Ernest, and Eggs should always be a priority target; especially since tier 2 options are a tad ridiculous for how early you get them.

PS: I never place them in walls though; I agree that’d be cheesy.