Ernest Gear - Thoughts so far?

So lets go ahead and get this started.

1st, I enjoyed him very much yesterday, the fact that he skips when he sprints is hilarious!

Ok ok, enough of that.
What’s everyone using?

Seems to me he’s similar to Benedict in that his reload is 1 shell at a time and slow, so reload speed definitely ( haven’t settled on one particular one yet, but when in doubt, choose Vyn’s Quiver haha )

Next one I’m torn between Attack Damage ( Pacifier is usually my go to), or Skill Damage - (Bola’s Target finder, stick em with a grenade for damage increase, then blast them with mortars)

3rd, I always run a 0 cost shard, I always like to use 2 legendaries

Have to play around with some other load-outs, but what is everyone else’s opinion? What worked for you yesterday?

It’s actually 2 at a time, but yes, it’s slow without helixes/gear.
I’ve been playing with using the rare UPR hailfire mags, which stack reload speed for 5 seconds after a reload (yo dog, I heard you like to reload…). I was using this on Benny before I learned of the reload cancel and it worked pretty well.


Having great success with 0-cost Health Regen, Attack Damage and a purple Reload/health regen.

This is not optimal but it is easy and fun. Need to workout a better reload strategy. Let me know if you guys have that part worked out.

I’ve been running +health gear.

Eldrid items
Rare Health (280 and 210 after 3 minutes)
Uncommon Attack Damage (210 health after 3 minutes)

Right now, I have attack speed (with health after 3 minutes), but I’m debating changing it for skill damage.

The goal being (get more health).
All told, I get up to a 910 boost (perfect items)

Edit: Anyone have Ernest’s level 10 or level 1 base damage?

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I love that mag. Super cheap too. Pretty great blue item.

I use Attack speed and Sprint speed with him, once you toss your egg out his weapon is insane fast.

Attack speed, his legendary, and reload speed. Without the legendary, I use skill damage. All white, as I need those buffs ASAP.