Ernest getting stuck

…is just the beginning

OK, here’s a nice, interesting case. Yesterday I had most hilaroius (or terrifying, depend on one’s point of view) chain of “events” that ended in my mouse stopping to respond -t’was Feb 13th :wink:
All started with my Ernest getting stuck on …I don’t exacly know whether it was sentry’s shield or something else. On Overgrowth anyway.

I’ll add that:

  • I was [trying] to use ReLive to record me getting stuck (start recording combination is “Ctrl+F12”, “Alt+Z” pops-up ReLive overlay)
  • and my in-game Chat key is set to “”.
  • all the time I was trying to write “Damn, I got stuck” to my team, so probably “D” key initiated …whatever was happening
  • the app showing at 2:37 is Magnifyer - I have no idea how it turned on, as I wasn’t using “+” key
  • at 2:48 I am “quitting” a game while Steam overlay is actually up
  • on the Desktop I was using “Alt+Tab” to return back to the game
    -when I’ve left the game (after Surrendered match, not on the video) my mouse cursor stucked in the center and my mouse stopped to respond - it worked when I "Alt+Ctrl+Del"ed to “Windows Security Screen” however.
  • everything on Windows 8.1.
    Can anyone explain to me what actually happened/could happen?