Ernest hype thread

What are all of your opinions on Ernest and who’s ready for the livestream that’s coming soon?

me and my wife are ready and i’m eager for it, I have hope for how he plays!

I think the reception to Ernest will be eggsplosive! :boom:


I am more hyped than I was for Pendles. Alani dropped pretty much right as I got the game, so I didn’t really have context for the hype.

I think Ernie will fit my playstyle much more aptly than snek. In fact, I enjoyed the countless snek jokes in the Pendles threads more than I did actually playing the guy, at least in PvP. I’m not good with assassins, and he’s the assassiniest assassin to ever assassinate, so not my cup of tea. I do like him in PvE tho.

Ernest seems right up my alley. Buff your friends, shoot those grenades, wreck those waves!

Only way I could be more excited is if he was a badger. (Not letting it go.)


Gimme new character now! :smile:

I can’t wait. Him and Kleese are gonna be best buds! Add Ambra and Galilea with a fun side or Marquis? Finished. I made a thread months ago asking for a support that buffs or debuff instead of just healing. A few people doubted. I HAVE PROVED THEM WRONG. Well, Gearbox did. Thanks Gearbox. From Cloud kill to Ambra buffs, you’ve always supported me.


calling it now while I am watching the stream, Ernest, ambra and kleese in a combo will wreck on incursion

Would you mind summing up the important things from the stream? I can’t watch it rn. And yeah, they’ll be terrifying.

he has a grenade launcher. his passive gives 50% bonus damage on a direct hit, but it can bounce off walls as well.

he can grenade jump to get around the map using a helix choice, he gets a 35%(I think it may have been 33) damage reductions from AOE’s using a helix…

the biggest thing i’m taking away from it is he has a buildable like sunspots or rifts. it has 2 modes, defense or offense. defensive mode had damage reduction(15% is what they mentioned)

attack mode has like 25% attack speed…

I already see nerfs coming his way

so experienced kleese’s and ambra’s are going to be knowing where to drop his booster


The big question is: how much damage does it take to wreck that egg?

very true, it’s looking like it takes about as long to fall as an energy rift,

but that said he’s still vicious, his ultimate is a minefield type thing from the egg on his back, 11 mines so if you’re running is what they’re talking about using it for

oh and the reloading is like benedict, individual shots.

his basic personality is the “grizzled drill sergeant type”

What’s the voice like?

gruffer they’ve said but I haven’t heard it yet, they mentioned he has a kinship with toby due to them being both flightless aviants


Speaking as a veteran of the united states armed services may I recommend you make one of ernest’s taunts a “knife hand” it will add so much to the personality, I will even go so far as to pay platinum for it! for what I mean by “knife hand” please see below



they did mention they’re looking at character legendaries again as well, so they’re looking at how to maybe make them better balanced

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“power eggs” can boost minions too and they can act like an accelerator from a helix choice

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Ernest seems like he’s gonna be a ■■■■ ton of fun to play. I love being an aggressive support player, so he’s right up my alley.


@crimsonregret55 we are on the same page

Unless something changed from the information I have, it’s a 15% bonus.