ERNEST Insane Warfare Damage Explanation?

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Any explanation as to why Ernest’s Direct Hit and Explosive Charge Attacks do such ridiculously high damage in Warfare Rumble Mode?

Not that I’m complaining, mind you!

How much did they boost skill damage? :stuck_out_tongue:


Because Direct Hit is skill damage based on attack damage and thus receives double scaling.

My guess is that skill damage and attack damage both saw percentage buffs for this mode, and the skill damage buff is fairly large.

Even outside this stupid queue, certain characters benefit from both attack damage and skill damage on the same attack. ISIC’s Charged Shot, Whiskey’s Ult, and Ernest’s Direct Hit come to mind. Basically what happens is the attack itself is classified as a “skill”, and thus receives skill damage modifiers. However, the damage is based off some other value, and this value is determined by attack damage (and receives AD modifiers). For example, Ernest’s Direct hit is a skill, with a base damage of primary attack1.15. Whiskey’s ult is a skill with a base damage of primary attack1.00. Etc.


Thank you kindly!


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Ambra’s fireballs scale off both skill damage and attack damage as well, if I remember correctly. Same with Marquis’ passive and I believe Ghalt’s passive as well.


Don’t forget deande after exiting cloak, mikos poison, mells venom, whiskeys combat rhythm, thorns curse and oscars tactical rounds. I’ve heard that Alani’s torrent scales with both skill damage and attack damage also but I’m not positive.

Not to mention the additional bonuses from his egg.

The mode isn’t even that good anyway.


To each their own.

I played it for 40 hours this weekend and got 700 kills.


40 hrs on that mode? Lmao

My matches consist my team being completely terrible. Other than that, I barley played due to this garbage mode. I’m glad it’s going away today, I think.


So negative.

Admittedly, if I didn’t have a regular team of skilled friends backing me up the whole weekend it would have been MUCH less fun!

The mode was still less fun with teams. In general, the mode was terrible. It made chaos rumble look decent.


A lot of people, sadly, straight up gave up on it.

Fair enough.

I love Battleborn, and anything new, no matter how weird or brutal, is fun and exciting for me!

That’s good. That means we can have good modes that aren’t gimmicky.

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What would YOU enjoy as a mode?

What’s good gimmicky versus bad gimmicky to you?

The only good mode I’ve played was bot battle. Probably the only mode that I liked. Maybe something similar to bot battle, but not with bots. Gbx should never make something like bird hunt ever again. That was horrible. At least it was somewhat better than the warfare mode.

We’re tracking a few attacks (like this one) where the damage boosts we added for Warfare Rumble are producing much greater damage numbers than expected.

We’ll look into that some before the next Warfare rumble.


For the next Rumble, you guys will have lifesteal fixed, hopefully? Also, can we get more modifiers to Rumble, like increased speed or jump height (not necessarily low grav since that doesn’t theoretically fit well with fast-paced combat).

I like the premise of the mode but it needs a lot of work. I figured something was off.

Does there have to be a next Warfare Rumble? Removing Quick Match for it made the game substantially less fun to the point where I flat out couldn’t enjoy the game this weekend as somebody who typically prefers the Quick Match modes to Incursion.

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