Ernest is considered a defender, I'm confused at this

He feels like a support not a defender when watching gameplay from my team and the opposing team using him. I wanted to say he’s a control tank until I seen how squishy he was and now i’m kinda confused. Being able to do damage reduction and attack speed is an insane support ability alongside movement speed and stuff. I’m guessing cause he doesn’t give health and shields?

What’s your input on this?

It is pretty weird to me. He’s like a mixed bag of everything. He pushes like an attacker buffs like a support and holds ground like a defender. It sounds insane on paper but it’s somehow just right in game

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Have you played as him? He doesn’t play much as a support. He just keeps people from even looking at an area, or takes a new one by filling it with grenades and aoes and planting a buffer. His labels are accurate.

Minefield. Nuff said.

I call him a zoner. Between his minefield, nade spam, and sticky mine he can control when and where enemies can hold positions and attack/push from. Would territorial be a more fitting label? This is the first moba I’ve played and I don’t take much notice of the labels the characters are given lol

You know how Toby is a defender because he has a mine and a shield that makes his shots faster to imply he should be trying to control a specific area? Ernest’s basically like that general idea but instead of the shield he’s got the egg.

But by these examples that means the kleese is a tank. He controls and prevents people from going in a certain location. He seems to do it better than ernest but ernest dps is much better it looks

I say defender. All you really have to do is put the egg down and blast away. His mine field is a slowing station and pretty great. Just bomb the hell out of them.