Ernest Issues vs blocking

Did some testing w/ Ernest against ISIC because of the nature of their abilities. So, apparently you can block his grenades but at least for ISIC he could still hurt him by shooting at his “feet” ? Sticky grenade could stick to ISICs face, but if he blocks, even though the bomb is on his face, he can block that too.
Reflective Wards will bounce grenades off doing no damage to the ward, but the grenades also dont hurt ernest when reflected either.(bouncing the grenade off a floor into the shield doesnt make them explode too) The sticky bomb does not stick to the reflective wards. IT does stick to blocking but the damage can be blocked.

So just a few interesting issues, will probably see similar issues against other blockers

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Yeah. Have to stuck it to their back if they have their shield up.
Once the initial hype wears down on him, I’m going to start using him a lot.
I really like him so far