Ernest lore, and Legendary

That’s right in just a matter of few hours. Okay. Like 3 hours. I completely finished Ernest lore. And got his legendary. so my question to you all. Do think his is legendary is any good And do you use it?

I got 1 Toby so far.

Do you have friends to do it with? That’s what I did.

Ernest says you need some friends!!

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I just need to fire like… 80 more grenades and 2 more tobys I believe. Pretty easy lore challenges which is nice.

His Lore is so easy it’s ridic, I got 3 done in one match! Only need to play with Toby now, really.

Compare this to Alani on release…

Almost did all 4 of his combat challenges in one night. Its kind of nice actually. I feel like I’ll never land all of Alanis or Orendis for that matter.

Orendi’s are pretty easy except for the hat trick one because you have to do it in ten separate matches I think. I got it via PVE without too much difficulty. It took me a long time to finish up Alani’s though, even after the reduced Ambra kill requirement.

I cant seem to naildown her special attack lore. Ive tried it so many times.

Doesnt help that I find Orendi somewhat boring. lol

…Yup, I mastered her and Mellka both in one day, enjoyable too.

I also got three done in one match. Then had a friend and I switch roles to get the Toby lore done.

What do you guys think about his legendary?

I think it’s pretty good for him, I consider it about equivalent to the Leechsteel Brooch. Both have defensive main stats, helpful secondary stats (reload speed vs. skill damage), his legendary will give nearly 50% more healing than Brooch on explosive charge but Brooch will give healing on Mine Grid.

Might give them both a try at once. See how well his life stays up.

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Does healing received effect life steal at all? Was thinkin of trying his legendary with synthaline tonic and something with healing received

what does his legendary do? I’m only 2 challenges away from completing his lore.

OMLT Blast Suit•
+240 max health.
+8.40% relead speed
Ernest only: Gain 10% life steal on damage dealt with explosive charge.

“The Ordinance Mitigation Layered-Titanium suit is the latest in explosion protection technology.”

Idk what to think of that passive, seems a little meh to me.

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Here’s a picture of it.

Healing recieved will not affect his lifesteal… Life steal is a percentage of damage done so skill damage is what would increase the life gain from his legendary

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I literally completed his lore in 3 matches. My friend played Toby and I just started attacking Montana over and over for the damage lore in my second match then I got the other three in the last match

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