Ernest Max Reload Speed!

I decided I wanted to see just how major stacking reload speed on him would be. Here are the numbers!

Blue magazine gear- +21% reload/+9.8% reload for 5 seconds after reloading
Any two purples with reload secondary stats- +9.8%x2
Tier 2 mutation- +20% while in Attack Power Egg
Tier 7 right- +25% reload

Overall this leads to a reload speed of 95.4% faster (if stats are additive) or 48.8% faster (if stats are diminishing like in BL2).

a mag of 8 grenades takes just over 2 seconds, so I’m leading toward the latter case. The only way it could be faster would be sprinting with the Mag Daemon legendary gear, leading to either 100.3% (which doesn’t sound right) or a 50.1 reduction, which is less impressive.

Honestly I just wanted an excuse to do math… What I usually build him with is the blue reload speed, his legendary, and tier 7 right but don’t use the tier 3 mutation, so he has 64.2%/39.1% which is still amazing.

Sadly this works only with chars who reload tfull mags. Not parts of it.

I run him with a reload speed of 66% by level 7 with the attack egg and my loadout - that’s permanent reload speed too, no situational requirements need to be met. So much fun! Also comes with 34.8% attack speed. In the words of Tiny Tina… MAKE IT RAIN!!!

Wait really? I need to rethink my build then. Thanks!

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Me and my buddies did a 4-man Ernest team just last night and it might have been the most fun I’ve had playing the game. We huddled our eggs together all game and quite literally rained hell down on the enemy. I think we took their first sentry in under 3 minutes, just arcing nades over the staircase in monument.

Could you expand on this?

Are you saying it doesn’t work on Ernest because of his disjointed reloads (2 at a time), or because he doesn’t empty the clip fast enough? Because with attack speed you can finish the mag within 5 seconds.

I’d like to know since I run the reload speed for 5 sec after reload on him and want to know if that’s wasted.

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