Ernest Mine Grid bug

So - I just did a PvE match with @Kaleidodemon @Gulfwulf @hattieinduni and someone else.

4 of us played Ernest and a 5th was Rath (insane attack speed and reload) but at the end of the match the Accomplishment tab showed.

Through the full mission there were mine grids everywhere and all Ernest’s reported the same thing.

If any other Ernest players have noticed this feel free to add in to this thread (especially if you are PvP as well in case it’s just broken for PvE).


It’s not working for PVP either because my stats page for Ernest shows 0 mine grid damage and I know I’ve hit a few BB with it in PVP matches. I’ll grab some screenshots later.

Same results here.

Yeah I’m getting the same bug on ps4 for both pvp and pve

Same in both PVP and PVE as well.

Same for me pve ps4. I saw those mine grids wrecking with damage indicators over enemies in fact they were decimating a group of thrall on the platform in renegade. But no damage registered in post game screen. I saw their destruction with my own eyes.

Came looking to see if this was just me or not, and glad it isn’t. Co-op PvE on Archive, XB1, could plainly see mines blowing up Thrall, Varelsi, and the final boss, but the same thing - zero mine damage.

Also, a question: In PvP, can opposing team members see the grid once it’s down? In other words, assuming they didn’t see you toss it down, would they know it was there until things started exploding? Because the AI enemies in PvE sure seem to be able to see it. Not sure if a bug or intentional?

Yes, opposing players can see the mines on the ground. Friendly mine grid has tiny green lights blinking on it, and enemy mine grid has red lights. If someone isn’t paying attention it’s easy to miss, but definitely there for noticing.

So this is widespread then? It’s been displaying zero for every match I’ve played too,


It’s been like this since the character came out, as far as I’m aware. I’ve always had this issue.
Here’s a screenshot from a particularly successful recent match in which I repeatedly kited melee characters through the minefield:

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Yeah, always had 0 Mine Grid Damage. Always.