Ernest Release Date?


I would like to earnestly inquire whether anyone knows the release date of Ernest, our favourite grenadier chicken?

Thanks in advance!

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Not yet - the gearbox stream later will probably have all the details.




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Here you go:



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DD owners and season pass holders get him the 25th, everyone else get’s access september first.

EDIT: nvm, already answered. xD That’s what I get for not reading the whole thread!

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No worries, I do it too. :blush:

(Dannyorke01) #8

I am realty look forward to my bombardier chicken.

Though I will have to wait a week to purchase him, solely my choice I am aware. I have the credits ready and waiting.

He is the first of the new characters for me that looks exciting to play.

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Read the battleplan

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You don’t have to be a jerk about it, @hexhammer; FFA was asking a legitimate question. :dukejk:

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He comein get out on dec 31 or if you the deluxe edition you get him on aug 25

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The question has been answered and the thread may as well be closed now.