Ernest too OP in PvP

Let’s be clear that Ernest is OP in PvE. But, he melts players in PvP on top of that melee characters struggle with this character many times.

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Here it is the Op post. It took longer than usual this time.


Lol if you’re a big target sure but Ernest is far from op. He has so many counters it’s unreal. Anyone with high mobility can beat him snipers can fight him off and his hardest counter is ghalt

EDIT: can you explain why he’s op you just said he melts players. Who does he “melt”?


Just wanted to add that he has a decent sized character model. Makes him a relatively easy target to hit compared to the likes of thorn, marquis, mellka…

Pft if rath fish you with his slow x blade you are fry chiken. Just need to learn how to counter Ernest.

He is rly bad againts any target that is moving, the closer the easy he can hit you, but i dont see any brawler that cant engage and melt him.

I as attikus engaged when my teamates destroy his egg and punch his face to death.

Your argument is high damage and he adds difficulty for melees. As does Thorn, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Ghalt, every ranged DPS. Even Montana.

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ernest is definitely not OP. i dont think youve ever played with an ernest because literally everyone can counter him. the only way to use him reliably is too stay away from the front lines and SUPPORT because…ya know HE IS A SUPPORT

Until hes more OP, especially against melee, then majority of other ranged DPS. Hes fine by me.

The problem is that his shorter height and slightly above average health allows him to escape gunfights more than usual and the melee characters that fought him from what I saw struggled to kill earnest. His DPS is very high when landing consistent grenades, and the Ernest I fought decimated my team by like 20-2 (from 4 matches played against him).

Not the Ernest I fought. He was pushing forward and was very aggressive

I’ve played with el Dragon, Galilea and Pendles since Earnest came out and I don’t struggle to kill him. What does that tell you? It is not the character, it is the player. That Ernest player was on a higher skill level than those melee players that didn’t know how to approach him. An aggressive Ernest like the one you described is even easier to destroy solo.

Then again, this is the early stage. He will be a very powerful character on the hand of a player that can constantly do direct hits. I play Ernest and getting those grenades to hit directly without bounce on mid to long distance is hard. Even Benedict accuracy is a lot easier on that range for me.


I doubt it. I’ve seen quite a few Ernest players get their asses kicked in PvP.

His real ‘problem’ is that his damage takes no skill to land. He can stand out of LOS and just keep raining eggs over obstacles on targets that are stuck in a lane. Typical defenses like turrets and sniper characters can’t hit what they don’t see.

nope nope nope

I’ve Mastered Ernest and have been splattering both PvE and PvP with him but nope.

I also played as Thorn yesterday and splattered Ernest.
Maybe every character can’t catch him but characters like Thorn sure can.


So he was like me:) lol

Phoebe and Deande “melt” poor lil earnest. :worried:

However I do think they need to lower his HP a bit.

I only feel that his primary is a little too strong, but that just numerical tweeking. Ernest is far from OP.

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I have to agree, I do not think he is OP. I have seen good and bad Ernest players, just like when pendles was released the character is just new and different and players need to figure out how to counter. I’ve wiped the floor with ernest as Shayne and Aurox, Thorn, Ernest, Kleese and several other players, just get ahold of him and beat him down. Don’t just stand there and take a beating from his grenades you have to keep moving. I’ve gone 27-2 with him and i’ve also had matches where id break even at 5-5, he is a complex character and in my opinion fun to play. Pendles was the same at first he was a pain and now we know how to counter him and make him ineffective, i hope they don’t nerf either one.


As it stands I don’t believe he needs a nerf, I’ve played with (on my team) and against him a few times and he isnt really much difference then any other battleborn in powerl level, his health pool is pretty solid i must admit but my opponents may have built him tanky which I would say is probably the way he should be. Fighting him with OM felt a lot like fighting a boulder with Benedict’s gun but having a competent shooter makes or breaks him i faught one who seemed to land every shot and i had to back away to shield up seconds after engaging him, with melee or Ghalt he was very quickly dealt with and posed almost not threat save his ult being up.

i look forward to playing him in a few weeks and don’t mind playing against him either.

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nah, I saw one almost instantly after release. It just wasn’t labeled as such. He was thinking he MIGHT be OP. This guy is flat out saying it. Not much of a difference, but the idea was there. LOL