Ernestian Playstyles

Using Overgrowth as an example, are you likely to put your egg at the sniper nest? At the pillar? Aggressively near sentry at the choke point? Way back by your choke point? At your small wall in mid, or theirs? I’d use paradise as an example, but there are only a few options. Offensive mayhem? Defending pushes? How will you play our flight failing feathered friend?

I imagine power eggs will occupy very similar places to those popular for rifts and sunspots.

Behind cover but within range of use depending on where your push is at and your level of mid control.

The AOE is actually very large so you can reap benefits from it almost anywhere.

on overgrowth i’m already thinking the thrall overlook(from the friendly sentry towards the mid thralls) depending on grenade velocity to maximize my fire and reload speed to ricochet shots toward the sentry once we’re going for damage.

on echelon i’d think near the stairs where kleese’s put their rifts would be a great spot.

Ooh, did they say the aoe is large in the stream?

Well, wouldn’t you use it for team support to maximize usage?

I watched the stream and the AOE of the egg is big enough that you can tuck it around the corner on Overgrowth near the tunnel side and still reap the benefit of it in the choke point when shooting the sentry.

It’s a decently sized field.


Yes! On Outskirts, the AoE appeared to be large enough to cover half the large lane from behind cover…And we are probably going to have multiple Earnests playing during Chaos Rumble :open_mouth:

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depends on how me and my group are playing, we typically attack from 2 or even 3 different directions at once with our pushes(as you’re pushed from one area you move to another so one person backdoors, one from the sniper nest, one from bunker, one from lane and shifting at need.)

and one of our favorite team comps is using all supports so that’s what i’m planning with at first.

placing for team support it’d be like rift placement but it also depends on how it actually feels in match and if some experiments prove true(for example if by some test it shows that kleese’s rifts recharge the shield that means his egg will be able to be used VERY creatively.

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The last part makes me very afraid as I see the strong implications.

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if it works I imagine ernest, kleese and isic will be a perma ban trio…

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Luckily, ISIC can’t have improved charge time. If he could, it would truly be game over.


Shield buffs, and fast high damage gun.

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and then ulti that is protected from range by the egg and from close range by rifts…it’s a payload trio…

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I can see it right now “haha try to kill me, I fu**ing dare you”


there wouldn’t be time to joke, there’d be too much death!

Its raining death (surprisingly good helix)

I actually wouldn’t know that helix from personal experience, one of the friends I play with mains isic and I main kleese so we’ve noticed that I the two of us get near a sentry it’s doom time!

Direct hit with omega strike will now shoot two homing rockets that each do 86 damage adding to an extra 172 damage, so surprisingly good, plus homing missiles

I’m mainly worried about the Ernest Kleese combo, but at least they’re putting all their eggs in one basket so to speak.