Ernest's Legendary

It is a UPR health vest with reload speed as it’s secondary stat. Ernest only: 10% lifesteal on Explosive Mine.
I think it’s fairly powerful and fits him (literally (cuz it’s a vest (it’s a pun).
I know this because it’s the easiest legendary to get in the game if you get some Toby’s in a match with you. And I somehow got 5 of those in a row.

Yes he is really easy to do, and it’s a great legendary as you can literally spam youyr Explosiuve charge with the right helix, and it heal pretty well on minions waves… got 3 of his challenges in one PVE game, and the other one in a single PVP. Just needed to get the 3 Tobys, so i did 4 suicide with 3 others friends on saboteur extreme… So i finally got his legendary in less than an hour playing with him xD

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I received mine in a few matches as well.

This is one of those rare occasions that a character might need its lore challenges increased.


Agreed. I’d multiply everything by 1.5 safe. Maybe double.

You shut your dirty mouth.

Some of us don’t like that icky pvp stuff.



Eh, only one of them is PVP oriented and it’s only 25k, which can be done rather easily with him without even entering the battle.

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Some of us do. :smile:

shivers with delight

But some of us dont’…Burn it, gather around children, burn!

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Yeah, got three of his done in a single Algorithm mission.
Other one is needing Toby, and the UPR. And the UPR one will be easy cause I am sick of these mother ■■■■■■■ Ghalts on these mother ■■■■■■■ maps.

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Ghalt is Ernest’s hard counter. Pendles is up there if not for the reveal helix. I actually noticed something cool. Ernest counters Ambra (gets in her territory, stick a mine on her and wait for the overshields to drop), Pendles counters Ernest, and Ambra counters Pendles. Rock Pendles Scissors.


LMAO, I think ghalt is probably my fav character. once I’m done with all these other guys and their challenges i’ll probably pick him back up again.

If you haven’t heard, he’s getting a strong slow instead of stun. You may wanna play him now.

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on his traps??? are you effing kidding me?

Unofficial, and in the next major patch, but that’s apparently what the lead balancer said.

That’s really heavy handed I think, and is going to really ruin Ghalt’s utility.
If they think his 2 second stun is too much, something they could do to tone him down but not ruin the character might be to have the trap apply 2 affects - a 1 second stun, and a 2 second stong slow. So you’ll be effectively stunned for 1 second and then slowed for the additional second, giving you a chance to fight back. Make Ghalt a little less insta kill, but not totally nerf him

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Yeah, it’s not final, so hold out hope. He does need a change though. Idk if you can play as Ernest, but if you get pulled you have no choice but to die, especially if his allies are near the trap.

probably the dumbest thing they will ever do. The trap is his main damage incentive. Making a slow just makes him less viable.

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But most people who play Ghalt are usually in a premade, and one hook into mine, and that character has literally no choice but to die.
I’m guilty of watching that hook, and beating face on whomever ghalt just grabbed. At least changing it to slow isn’t a guaranteed death sentence in a semi structured group.
It might be a bit excessive, though. We will see.


ok, I get that. you could literally say that about any other stun item though. Can’t say I’ve never been sucked into that stupid fountain thing of alani’s and completely wasted. It’s basically the same thing without the range.

I haven’t been able to get Ernest in a lot of PVP matches, so haven’t played against Ghalt in a real match (bots don’t count), but I can well imagine that 9 times out of 10 a hook into trap is a death sentence. This is true for a lot of characters against a half decent Ghalt (nevermind one with any sort of team cohesion), so I totally get them wanting to tweak Ghalt’s trap a bit. But completely removing the stun seems too heavy handed…