Ernest's Power Egg

First I would like to say that I really do like Ernest, he’s an amazing character. Now, I have just one itching gripe with him…his Power Egg’s Defense Mode.

I feel that his Defense Egg is very underwhelming, and I find myself VERY VERY rarely switching it to defense (on purpose anyways, sometimes I switch it on accident…fml)

Now, I think Attack Mode was the primary focus of the Power Egg, all the upgrades to ATTACK EGG is proof enough, yet the utility (or lack thereof) of the DEFENSE EGG is pretty disappointing.

What I personally would like to see is higher percentages on the base Damage Reduction before the Helix upgrade (15-20% DR base rather than 10) . On one hand I would also like to see some Health Regen on the D. Egg, but then its utility would be ridiculous and borderline overpowered, so some Helix upgrades that can be made for D. Egg would probably have to go along the way of CC. I think a Blinding AoE Flash every couple of seconds while in D. Egg mode would be fine, or even a Would/Silence AoE.

Oh, I also think the D. Egg’s AoE should be enlarged (slightly) rather than be equal to the A. Egg’s AoE.

Anybody else feel that the Defense Egg is lacking while Attack Egg is overperforming?


Yes, but more-so because attack egg is too strong. 25% attack speed? And you can get movement speed on it so its defensive too ? And a shield?

Stumpy is right. The attack side is too strong and could stand to be toned down a little. Increasing base damage redux is a bad idea for the defensive side because of what it could do for a couple of characters (Montana and Boldur). I’d rather see them:

  • add the slow to the default defensive stance, giving it much broader utility.

  • Replace the slow helix with reveal while in defensive mode

Now you have fantastic utility in defensive mode (albeit situational in the case of reveal)


I just feel the helix should be reworked with more defense options, and the egg defense better than offense

Give the devs a week or so to collect data and we’ll see what adjustments they feel need to be made.

…Agree, just got to level 15 and was thinking the same thing.

I think a good way is team defender is all about establishing an area with charges with the egg giving your team with the means to hold the spot and enemies scared, while offensive COORDINATOR should be more team oriented and rely on your team, basically team defender is about you establishing a defense, while offensive coordinator is your team having to coordinate with more of what your doing