"ERROR COMMUNICATING WITH SERVER: Failed to retrieve Match History. Please check back again later." all day

5 Stories, 4 Incoursion maps played, no reward summary at the end, just the message that it couldnt get the match history. No points, no rewards, not lore unlocks. Restarted PC, reinstalled steam, nothing. Internet is stable with a good ping.

Anyone else having the problem?

Ouch that sounds terrible. I hope your support ticket is resolved quickly. Good luck! Hopefully they give you those rewards. I’ve heard one story where someone got Galilea’s Beast taunt and the VoV, and it didn’t save, so they gave her the taunt and although they couldn’t give her the VoV they provided two legendary loot boxes.

Whenever this happened to me it advised to me to make a more open NAT connection or something along those lines.

My NAT is “open”, my PC is registered as “dedicated server”, i.e. all ports are open. I nearly got my Toby lore, if i had succeeded and lost it due to this error i would be devastated…

there is an older thread to the same Problem here is what i wrote there

Saw that way back (1. May), but since no one posted lately i opened a new one. And boom there were new posts in that older threat yesterday.

Getting a lot of issues with Gear too, the loadout being outdated or something.

Check your match history. I’ve had that literally 99% of every match/mission I play since release and while it doesn’t load up your end game stats you do so get the rewards. You just go back through the match history after the error message go away and check out your results

Well i actually have the same problem, got it 4 times. In PvE AND PvP. Even after the error message, the history isn’t gather and doesn’t appear in the history match, so we cant check it and get back rewards.

I’m curious to know if you got any answer from support (if you asked them) and maybe a way to correct that ?

Except the matches don’t get stored in the match history. And at least they haven’t advanced any of my challenge progress :confused: Had to re-do them.

Sounds like you’ve got a different issue than mine then! Hopefully support can sort it out for you :acmaffirmative:

I’ve been having the same problem, to the point where I think I may have bugged one of Benedict’s Lore challenges (the one releated to to his Boomsday ability. I unlocked the taunt that you get from completing it, but the lore section is still locked, and I’m not sure it’s tracking it any more).

Be loot event has definitely messed with something.

I have just contacted support, that told me its my network settings/router and that I should verify game cache.
Seems like they don’t even know what’s going on.