Error en los trofeos de las localizaciones

No sale los trofeos de las localizaciones ya termine todo en el juego solo me faltan esos trofeos para el platino alguna solucion?

Ya sé que dice que tienes todos los lugares descubiertos pero, ¿ya descubriste lasCascadas de Jason?, está en Eden-6 y es muy fácil pasarla desapercibida.

Si fue mi ultima localizacion esta alado se unas escriturar eridiana

I found out the way to resolve this trophie bug, you’re just need to run through all locations again! Without leaving the game.
On every location you can see a hint that “location is found” and it doesn’t matter if you’re been alredy there before. Just fast run all planets and all locations (without any missions) and you’ll get your trophie :ok_hand::wink:

I decided to try the exact same thing, when I discovered that the locations are resetting after quitting to menu. I can confirm this worked for me for Pandora. But not for Eden-6. I rerun all locations on Eden-6 in one sitting and still did not get the trophy for Eden-6.

Did that unlock the master of all you survey trophy for you

Since I did not receive the trophy for Eden-6, I decided to wait for possible fix because I really do not want to go through discovering 223 locations again for possibly nothing. That is the reason I started with Eden-6.

Same I just log in and all my pandora and prometheus locations say area discovered I tried everything I can think of but I think gearbox needs to sort this out ASAP I sent a ticket to them see if the reply

I rerun Eden-6 again in one sitting. It worked, the same for Pandora. Got the trophy, I guess I was not careful previously and missed one. Now I’m running the rest of the locations, still in one sitting and trophy for all locations should pop.

So as it was already said by @selflessly - rerun carefully all locations (to be sure you have them all since you can not count on in-game stats) in one sitting and related trophies should unlock. Not optimal, but it is the only option for now.

Edit: I can confirm I just went through all 223 locations in one sitting and Plat.

I can also confirm that this work for me got the platinum just now

A mi me pasa exactamente lo mismo pero solo con eden 6, tengo todo desbloqueado, tuve que hacer todas la ubicaciones de nuevo, y el de eden 6 todavia no me salta, lo has conseguido solucionar ?

I’ve heard that running all 223 locations doesn’t work for some people. Seems like a lot of time and effort to rerun on the chance that it may or may not work. I’ve rerun several planets and those haven’t popped so I’m not holding up much hope for full runs.

This exact thing happened to me. I did Pandora in one sitting after I’ve found out it is bugging. I got the trophy so I moved to Eden-6. I did all the locations in for this planet (again in one sitting) but this time I didn’t get a trophy. So, I was like “Ok, it’s bugged more then I thought. No point in doing all the locations.”

A few days later I decided to try again. Carefully without a rush. Finally I’ve got the trophy for Eden-6, so I did the rest. I have a Platinum now. I must have forgotten some area since the in-game tracker is bugged and you cannot count on it. Take PowerPyx’s trophy guide and carefully go location by location and make sure for every one of them you see “Area discovered”. Maybe make a check-list on a piece of paper, which is what I did.

I don’t trust them to fix this. Trophies related to locations are bugging since the day 1 and after this patch it got even worse.

I just don’t think people should HAVE to spend hours extra retracing steps they’ve already done for the sake of a trophy, and I’m not really a fan of people consistently replying to these threads saying it’s a “fix” when its not. So long as people keep saying “oh you can fix it by revisiting all the places” Gearbox aren’t likely to fix it on their end. It’s sort of putting a bandaid on a broken leg.

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It’s been confirmed multiple times that it’s not a fix, since it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s absolutely imperative that gearbox fix this issue since they’ve knowingly sold a broken product which they haven’t bothered to fix, nevermind comment on.

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Me esta pasando lo mismo, con todos los trofeos de localizaciones que no saltan. Me parece un erro que deberían de solucionar. yo he intentado varias cosas, y sigo sin conseguirlo.

Ya informé el problema y Gearbox está trabajando en una solución. Desafortunadamente, todavía no hay una fecha en la que podamos esperar lanzar un parche / solución para este problema, que muchos usuarios tienen.

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Para el trofeo “Maestro de todo lo conocido” pide descubrir todos los lugares con nombre, ¿se necesitan descubrir las zonas de “Asalto a la brecha”, “Minos prime”?

Un saludo y gracias