Error Message CE-34878-0

Borderlands crashes without fail past main menu, but after resuming game. I have taken every step recommended. I have:

  1. Ensured my game is up to date
  2. Ensured my system software is up to date
  3. Cleared my PS4’s cache
  4. Uninstalled/reinstalled the game
  5. Reinitialized the PS4

CE-34878-0’s plagued my first days (circa December) of playing with my wife. Now the game doesn’t work at all.

Hey there

I get every time the same error at the same position in Handsome Jack…
Reinstall game doesnt help, resolution to 1080p doesnt help ect…
Thats really annoying…

Merged you into a similar thread in the Tech Support section.

Unfortunately, the error code is just a general one indicating that the game crashed, but not why. All I can suggest at this point is filing a support ticket to report the continuing issue, out-lining the steps you’ve already taken.

u can do nothing about it , aside from the useless rebuild database or complete reset ps4

Just had this happen moments before defeating Wotan. On a PS4 Pro that’s been in use for less than two months. Good stuff.