[ERROR] Not Entitled to All Ingredients

A’hoy, Gearbox Forums!

So, during this weekend’s Battleborn Day II event – in which Faction Packs were made available in the marketplace – I ran into an error message I’ve never seen before. I also couldn’t find any evidence of anyone else talking about it, so I decided to share it here in the hopes that someone could shed some light upon it.

When attempting to open my last UPR Faction Pack I’d bought, it immediately kicked out an error that said: “Not entitled to all ingredients.”. This was then followed by an error message that said: “Operation has failed!” The pack would continue to throw the same errors until I closed and restarted the game. At that point, it opened normally and disappeared from my inventory. (Screenshot of the unique error message below.)

So, it might be pertinent to note, as well, that I am missing exactly one customization from each faction; one character from each faction is missing a single taunt. I’ve opened dozens of faction and commander packs today, and I’ve gotten nothing but coins. It’s not impossible on the RNG scale for that to happen, but I’m beginning to wonder whether the game is able to have a faction pack database devoid of a customization roll.

I was also kind of wondering, along this same vein, whether anyone’s been able to obtain all the customization skins/taunts for a single faction. If someone has then, obviously, my theory is debunked. -;]

Thanks for your time!

I was just thinking: there are different editions of battleborn out there, and there is this DLC specific loot.
Could there be that RNG draw some edition specific or DLC specific item?
Do you like possess full-option edition and all of the DLC?

Could it be you’re missing taunts for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Pheobe and Orendi?

I bought a physical copy of the game, so I don’t have the “Digital Deluxe” version. I do have the season pass and all the related DLC.

Y-yes? That’s, uh … are you a wizard?! But, seriously, those are the ones I’m missing. What gives, then?


Okay, I understand. Then, is the error message related, do you think? Or something else entirely?

You’d probably have to contact Gearbox Support to find out what this error message is actually about - I’ve got no guesses, haven’t heard of it before.