Error Preloading?

I have preloaded (downloaded) the game twice with both times it ending up saying 0/0 bytes downloaded even though I saw it download the full 4.6 (or so) gigs.

Both times I restarted Steam but it still shows the same thing. 0/0 bytes downloaded yet while saying preload complete on the download page within steam.

Perhaps since it’s encrypted it’s really there, but doesn’t show it’s size until the launch time?

So do you guys see the game downloaded, but yet the Play icon still says Preload even after already preloading?

This is a bit confusing. :frowning:

I can’t preload at all. Steam doesn’t let me.

Restart steam, wait about ten minutes, right click on the listing in your library and click preload.

Already fixed it, I had to quit Steam and delete appcache folder.

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I solved it by deleting local content, then restarting steam and retrying. Might be a hit and miss kinda thing.

Edit: Make sure you launch Steam as administrator.

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