Error "Ran out of Virtual Memory"


So, i bought the game, wanted to start it and got that Error Message.

I´m playing right now on a RTX 3070, Ryzen 7 3700x. If that helps.

Every other Game runs fine and without problem, does anyboy know a workaround for this Error?

This seems familiar. It may be related to having a VPN enabled but I’d start with making sure Windows hasn’t decided to not use your GPU.

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Hey, thanks for your answer!

I tried it, but it didn´t work. Got the same error again. Any other tips?

The 2019 UHD pack caused a lot of issues. I don’t think uninstalling the pack will help….maybe. But came across a couple suggestions from the BL2 Steam forum (remember TPS is mechanically identical to BL2).

  • run as administrator. Swear to god.
  • Virtual memory setting . Control Panel > System > Advance System Settings . In the advance tab , click on settings in Performance , then Advance . Go to Virtual memory & click change . Make sure automatic size is checked on.

Yeah, i uninstalled the UHD Pack already.

THe Virtaul Memory setting. I changed there a lot, but nothing happend. Someone said i have to set "xxxxx"amount of Virtual Ram, but that didnt helped.