Error "The request with the Battleborn server was bad"

I keep getting this error message when attempting to open up the 'UPR Commander Pack. Are there still server issues going on that we should be aware of or something like that? Yesterday, I completed a map and got stuck on a black screen and missed out on legendary loot from the boss and would hate to keep going if this is a ongoing issue. Any update or information would be appreciated.

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I get that followed by “Operation has failed!” whenever I attempt to open any loot packs. Glad/Sad I’m not the only one lol!

ive gotten the same issue when i tried to open a pack a few days ago. i just played a match and then everything was okay. Interestingly enough me and a friend were in a party after just getting on and we both had the exact same issue, with the same solution, however when another friend joined up about ten minutes latter he could open packs just fine from the get go

Lately some changes with platform have been conflicting with Battleborns code. Seems to be widespread and terrible. Hopefully fixed in the next patch or so, where their goal is to reduce server load as well as add a lot

As long as this won’t hinder us to buy the discounted packs it’s only a Minor nuisance.

Got a random uncommon loot pack and can’t open it, but on the other han I never use green gear to begin with…