Error: Unable to initialize SteamAPI


I preloaded Borderlands 3 on steam, but after unpacking it this morning whenever I try and launch the game I just get the error “Unable to initialize SteamAPI”

I’ve already tried running steam as administrator, tried verifying files through steam, running BL3 as administrator, and I’ve added Borderlands3.exe to the exceptions list of my anti-virus.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


I have same problem, and i’ve done same steps in attempt to resolve situation - it failed.

Frustrated to say that the same problem has occurred to me and my patient 3 hour download just to be met with the Bitter and Sour Error Display.

Also getting the same error, tried as much as I can think of and nothing changes, hoping a fix is being worked on.

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Same error here. I tried checking the usual suspects (antivirus, firewall, launching it as admin…) with no luck.

Same error here. Also tried the usual suspects with no luck.

If you downgraded to the old Steam UI back when they updated it you need to update to the new UI. Borderlands 3 is the first game requiring the new UI to run. To do this, go into your Steam folder, delete steam.cfg, and restart Steam.

Well that’s certainly butts. I wish Steam would give us the option of using the old UI instead of having this workaround.

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I have the new steam UI and everything but it still doesnt work :v