Errors in gameplay

(lesaucediin) #1

Firstly, I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by having
participated in this game test, it is the first time I do it and
I hope it can be of help in improving it.
I was very pleased with the gameplay, although I played a little time
I have encountered details in the corners that are lost in the depth
of field by the same colors of gray tones and the boring scenario
type Minecraft that is disastrous for my taste, the music would be
a good plus that would be different in each scenario since listening
to the same tune in all becomes tedious, the weapons I liked,
the limit of the screen when lowering the look too towards the floor
sometimes you boot of the playable screen when you shoot and you see
the mouse pointer and you can not move until it fires again,
that error is also in the upper right part when panning fast from
right to left while shooting.