Errors in the Skill Tree tool

Thanks for finally adding the skill tree, even if the design is somewhat lacking. Having an undo button instead of being able to just right-click to remove points is incredibly frustrating.

Anyway, Amara’s “Mindfulness” skill seems wrong. First, it says “Shield Regeneration Delay” which is wrong since it’s always been called “Shield Recharge Delay.” Not sure why you decided to go with a different name in this specific instance. Typo I assume.

Secondly, the same skill says -23% delay per Mindfulness stack, stacking up to 25. That would mean a maximum of -575% Shield Recharge Delay. That can’t be right. I assume it’s meant to say -2.3% per charge. Could you please confirm and perhaps correct the skill tree tool?

Did anyone else find any errors?

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You may not know this, but the way the formula for Shield Recharge Delay works (or at least how it worked in the other games) a shields recharge delay can never effectively reach zero. If you look at any of the other skills that give a static amount of shield recharge delay, you will notice that the bonus per point gets lower and lower, the same goes for reload speed and similar functions.

The formula is:
normal Shield Recharge Delay/(1 + the decimal of the bonus).

In the case of Mindfulness with 25 stacks this makes a shield with a recharge delay of 3 seconds start recharging after 0,44 seconds

That calculation here goes as follows:
3/(1+5,75) = 0,44

Edit for clarity: This formula results in lower bonuses on their own making a comparatively bigger difference, which is why +20% Shield Recharge Delay on it’s own already makes a small, but noticeable difference (in the case of the 3-second-shield, it reduces the Recharge Delay by 0,5 seconds to 2,5 seconds).


I understand that’s how it would work, but I’m still not sure that the numbers are correct.

I also find inconsistencies in the wording of certain skills. For example, Zane’s Stiff Upper Lip gives Damage Resistance, while his Futility Belt gives Resistance in one part of the wording and Damage Reduction in the latter part. It’s like they can’t even be consistent with the wording on even the same skill or skill tree.

Amara’s Helping Hand gives Damage Reduction.

So, we have Resistance, Damage Resistance and Damage Reduction, all of which I assume are doing the same thing.

These are core statistics and their wording should be consistent. Otherwise they might as well use Fire Rate, Weapon Speed and Firing Speed as well to indicate the same thing in three different ways. It’s just unnecessarily confusing when they don’t adopt standard terms.

I see. One of the problems I see is that most people won’t even know what Gearbox usually means with damage resistance and damage reduction, even though they used those terms for different functions in the other games. The way they used it before was that damage resistance just was the number you had to calculate in the damage formula while damage reduction is the actual reduction. They should at least stay consistent here, that is true. I would go so far as to add a small index of the game terminology to ease in the players.

I could see some of those mistakes being made due to not actually Gearbox working on the Borderlands website, but 2k, which will probably be far less familiar with the games and their terminology, but that is just my speculation.

Also, there are some clear-cut errors in the german version of the Skill Trees as some skill values just aren’t displayed at all (it just shows “value” Instead of the actual value, Amara’s “Jab-Cross” is one of those skills) and through most versions there are percentage-based skills that are missing the % sign.

Btw. Futility Belt is consistent with the other damage reduction skills, it just phrases it differently.

Edit: Also, the website seems to have a problem with ä/Ä, ö/Ö etc. as it only shows a “‰” sign instead of those letters.

I did catch a few as well but, even though Fl4ks tree just came out they could be older trees that did not have the final touches in them and hopeful are fixed by launch. Also with Resistance and damage reduction. Resistance is for elemental damage, damage reduction is “physical” non elemental damage.

Is this true? I’m sorry to say, but if it is, then it’s extremely poorly worded and on a such a level that it sounds like they’d intentionally want to confuse the players.

If something says damage reduction then it should be obvious that it’s for any damage taken. One shouldn’t have to do extensive googling to find out that it’s limited to kinetic damage. This can be particularly devastating for somebody that spends week on a character only to find out that their intended tanky build isn’t working the way they thought.

I’m not entirely sure that you are correct though because if you look at Zane’s Futility Belt passive, it says: “Zane gains resistance to non-elemental damage.” It shouldn’t say resistance there in that case, unless the devs want to be even more confusing.

Can somebody confirm how this works please so that we know how to build our characters?

The shield regen delay being set at -23% per stack probably is wrong, though I’d have to double check with a video of the current build of the game to be absolutely sure. I know back in May when Amara was first revealed that skill was giving -7.5% shield regen delay per stack.

Ok, I just double checked in an Amara gameplay video from Gamescom. She is at -23% shield regen delay per stack currently. Seems like they buffed that skill since May. The stacks decay after 5 seconds though, so the only way you’re getting close to the stack limit is if you are being shot by multiple gun using enemies with fast fire rate guns, or getting lots of DoT’s stacked on you.

I suppose that makes sense since the shield regen would keep getting interrupted anyway if you are taking damage that often. Otherwise the skill would be pretty useless.

Im not saying its worded well at all. Im with you it is poorly worked and should be much more clear. With the Skill really expensive jaket,I believe it’s worded that way because in that tree there is another skill that changes elemental damage into non elemental damage. Again poorly worded but that is what I get out of it.