Errors so far and why balance was changed. (from a modder pov)

So far I have found so many issues with the game specially on hw1 I decided to make a list where people need to put good explanations of their bugs:

so list:
capturing frigates on mission 3 fails to give you back the captured ships.

because the physics (ballistic) system is not being used gearbox modified all the unit stats and balance around the RNG system, meaning ships like destroyers are hard countering frigates, ships move weirdly.
I did warn people about this change, but everyone said it was not a big deal… now you are seeing the consequences.

Multiple queues are limited to 2, this broke balance further in hw1.

Support frigates needing to dock with ships means they cannot repair fast nor at long range nor actually support.

support frigates cannot hyperspace while carrying strike craft.

Formations are completely broken (they are not working at all) this also is because the game is using RNG instead of ballistic system.

capturing carriers or alike will not allow you to build ships with them.

because they are using triggers instead of game mechanics capturing resource collectors on missions where you have to destroy them, will consider them as alive and keep giving resources ad infinitum to carriers to magically keep popping fighters or frigates.

capturing ships sometimes will make them pop out ships from the enemy team (carriers).

the special ability keys mostly do NOT work with bandbox selection, this includes salvage frigates (and pretty much means its a pain to use them).

because ships aren’t taking onto account collision paths on the asteroids missions fighters will not evade asteroids and will get massively crushed.

friendly ships keep attacking ships that are already being hold by enough salvage corvettes meaning they often destroy your prey.

shift+click for queuing fast 5 on 5 ships does not work.

there seems to be an arbitrarily low strike craft build limit active?

The UI ships icons are night impossible to clearly identify what do you have selected.

the mouse seems to be lagging (is it hardware accelerated?)

salvage corvettes suddenly seem able to easily capture enemy corvettes (this is because it seems… evasion mechanics were disabled because they do not affect the RNG system) so they fly linearly and just get clamped easily.

salvage corvettes are not showing their capture beam animation.

the camera zooming out seems to be limited so much you cannot have a good view of the battles unless you go into tactical view which…

tactical view Is broken.

the game randomly crashes on missions 4/5

missing select unused harvesters button.

gearbox did it on purpose but why research needs to cost resources at all? it could have been left to work just like hw1, this seems to be an unnecessary change.

anyone else with bugs and issues to report? I suggest you post them here. along with the support system of gearbox.


No choice for Taiidan in the campaign.

No ability to salvage swarmers.

The dynamic difficulty completely breaks HW 1 campaign balance as so many more ships can be captured.

There appear to be considerably more resources in the HW 1 campaign.

The turranic raider carrier appears to be unarmed.

Kadeshi needleships appear to be unarmed and no longer ram.

Kamikaze doesn’t work.

Screen panning is broken if you have multiple screens (mouse isn’t locked!)

the turanic carrier is unarmed and sits happy to get killed.

Ships are failing to hit stationary targets due to RNG system…(swarmers)

Absolutely agree with everything mentioned (in the general sense of what I’ve seen wrong) you’ve said here @assasing123.

My biggest problem out of what you have listed (so far from playing just the single player alone) is that Fighters and Corvettes are absolutely useless. By useless I mean that they not doing correct sweeps and tracking against targets or groups of targets. My fighter or Corvette squads will break apart and take wide sweeping angles of attack against groups or a single target where they really shouldn’t. This is even when not setting a formation type at all.

Take the entire issue above and throw in a Formation type and the Fighters/Corvs will do even worse in some situations that I have seen. They just fly all around and miss their targets dragging out combat encounters MUCH longer than they realistically would have taken in the original Homeworld 1.

Example: Mission 4 when the Turanic raiders attack you during resource harvesting. I sent a wing (12+) of heavy corvettes against the swarm of regular fighters and a small number of enemy corvettes. In HW1 classic it would have been an easy fight over quickly. Instead they dance around the asteroid field trying to chase them and maybe only destroy a small handful of them. Meanwhile I have 4x Assault Frigates that completely annihilate every single Ion Frigate that shows without a sweat and THEN goes over and destroys all the rest of the Turanic Fighters and Corvettes without issue.

That is the biggest game breaking problem that I have seen so far. To me it seems like a pathfinding issue that the fighters and corvettes have which would make sense with the issues I’ve seen others have with the Diamond Shoals mission.

The Salvage corvettes are way too overpowered for what they do. The fact that they are able to capture enemy corvettes with ease by “speeding up” to match their velocity (which is what it appears they are doing) really needs to be nerfed. Salvage Vettes should not be able to capture fighters/vettes that easily if at ALL.


From my own perspective as a modder some of your points aren’t entirely accurate, though I do agree with you in general.

… gearbox modified all the unit stats and balance around the RNG system, meaning ships like destroyers are hard countering frigates, ships move weirdly. …

The presence of hard counters like this isn’t entirely on the head of the dice system, gameplay can be implemented in that system that is far less hard counter and frigate popcorn than HW2’s balance.

Formations are completely broken (they are not working at all) this also is because the game is using RNG instead of ballistic system.

Random accuracy isn’t why formations are broken, formations are broken because of unit AI. The non-ballistic accuracy system means that if formations worked, they wouldn’t have the same impact as they used to.

capturing carriers or alike will not allow you to build ships with them.

Not disagreeing, just commenting that the way HW2 handles build categories means captured carriers have always been an issue in the engine, and a tricky one to get around. Engine access should allow this to be fixed though.

gearbox did it on purpose but why research needs to cost resources at all? it could have been left to work just like hw1, this seems to be an unnecessary change.

Again, not disagreeing but commenting, HW2 bases progress bars on RUs spent for research, which has forced me when trying to recreate HW1 gameplay to give researches a small cost just to have the bar move. I also recall free research being granted immediately despite having a time, though I haven’t recently tested it. Again, something I’d think would be fixable with engine access.


I’ve definitely noticed the super low limit to active strike craft. Even on ‘high caps’ the limit is tiny- and this is especially noticeable when playing HW1 races. It seems to be equating 1 HW1 smallcraft to 1 HW2 smallcraft squadron, even though they aren’t balanced like that (HW1 single stuff builds faster, isn’t as good, but you get more, etc)

I’ve got a bug megathread here, maybe it would be good to consolidate all these posts so Gearbox can see things more easily? idk: Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

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I don’t think this has anything to do with the hitscan ballistics. It’s a ship AI issue. Weirdly, if you use the HW2 Strike Group formations, HW1 ships will retain formation properly. It’s only the HW1 formations that fall apart instantly.

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it seems you are right, I though it might be because RNG disregards formations since it only cares about chances and thus the AI was acting up on it… but it seems is just shoody coding.

also ghost ship mission crashes randomly as well.

Tactical map sometimes goes black and you cannot see anything.

(no I already tested on multiple rigs and with multiple video cards from both NVidia and ATI, is not a GPU issue)

Not gotten any crashes yet.

Resource levels are WAAAY too high. See here: Remastered HW1 Campaign is too easy

just thinking from the top of my head, most probably cant be done, but has anyone tried to create a weapon that instead of reducing health , restores it? like set the “DamageHealth” weapon effect with negative values in the minimum and maximum effect parameters (sure thing this bring another question, targeting friendly units and avoid targeting enemy units with this weapon)

You could, but you wouldn’t be able to make it target an allied ship with it, because they removed force targeting from the engine for some reason.

This is fixed by pressing S or showing your units another target and definitely happened rarely in the original. Is annoying, managed to lose two destroyers like this already.

This is very very true. At least for the campaign I usually had two full carriers by the end.

Is this why I got 18 free assault frigates on the ghost ship level?

Its shift+ctrl definitely still in the game.

You should post this as a Steam Guide instead maybe.

Mission 3 taiidan wipe out half the cryo trays before the cinematic ends, and you gain control! Had to repeat that mission 3 times before i just sent salvagers to get what trays i could when i did gain control.

The Turanic, and Kadeshi MS’s do fire their PDS weapons. However Kadeshi MS doesn’t ram. Turanic MS doesn’t make a b-line for your MS like in Classic. The Turanic carrier tries to chase, and fires its beams at your strike craft.

Cathedral of Kadesh mission WAY too easy. When you attack one needle ship they all retreat to the shipwreck instantly.

Lost more ships in diamond shoals than in any other mission, because none of the ships got out of the way of the damn rocks. Damn near had to attack one rock at a time, because band attacking had ships running through closest rocks to get at furthest rocks.

derelict ship was extremely hard. Lost wave after wave of strike craft trying to disable that thing. Wound up wiping out the fleet that was under its control (losing the opportunity to capture the missile destroyer).

voice acting cuts out sometimes.

So far no crashes.

Will post more when i finish game

Can’t proceed to campaign: constantly crashes on Cathedral Of Cadesh!!! BLOCKER

Also noticed some annoying bugs:

  1. Whole screen except UI becomes black (after trying to hologlobe while event screen is appearing, reload helps)
  2. Impossible to open hologlobe after pressing and canceling hyperspace
  3. Units sometimes stuck/cancel their orders (full resource collector stucked after resource controller begin moving)
  4. Formations… They are broken somehow
  5. Mothership/Bentusi blinking after hyperspace disappearing (lame)
  6. Turanic Raiders carrier doesn’t shoot from time to time, can’t be captured? No engine subsystem?
  7. Graduated Cadet School achievement is broken for me (have finished all classic tutorials, both one and two)
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Hm I can’t confirm most bugs you encountered in v1.0 some of them yes. Did you upgrade your graphic drivers as they recommended and on what OS are you playing it and what are your system specs. I’m no IT expert but it does sound more to me like your system can’t keep up and that’s what’s causing these weird issues. Did you ran any mods while playing the campaigns? Keep in mind those mods are fantastic for skirmish but may break the campaigns in some sort not sure.

Furthermore did you actually patched the game? In steam you can disable auto update perhaps that’s the case for you and you simply forgot about it.

As for me I haven’t re played the campaign since version 1.0 So I’ve missed patch1 & patch2. So there might be indeed something broken now that wasn’t broken in v1.0.

Best thing you can now do to is to type down your system specs and also sending a ticket to their support stuff about your issues. Thus far the GBX stuff seemed very caring in getting things solved for the player base.

My only tip for you: Try avoiding to load auto savegames. I heard some missions get broken that way scripting wise + objective wise which is actually the same = a scripting issue.

While they apparently fixed many of those missions and savegame issues I read there are still one or two bugs remaining regarding auto saves even after patch2. Perhaps and hopefully it’s just that. Best to restart the mission from scratch.

Hi, the game was constantly crashing on Cathedral Of Cadesh due to capturing of several Kadeshi multi-beam frigates or some of them, I don’t know. I had to avoid capturing and finally beat the campaign. It was so easy…
Well, I beleive first two patches did something for the fixes, didn’t play patched game yet. Waiting for another couple of patches to continue.