Escaping a phobe

Since the new update phobe has been seen a lot less mainly because Klesse is so fat on the overpowered scale but still she can become pretty ridiculous when she slows you for six seconds and kills you in half that time (I main orendi and mellka) I start to say she is overpowered but then I think of Klesse and she doesn’t seem so op does anybody know a good escape when she phase gates in your face

If you don’t have any kind of CC or escape skill, i fear that you just have to die. Her slow is really powerfull (maybe a bit too powerfull) so even if you slow her she will still move faster than you (except if you are miko, alani or reyna)

As orendi u should take the push back on nullify instead of the blind when facing a phoebe, it should give you more chance to run away… but if phoebe has took her movement speed buff after phasegate she can still catch you

As melkka, you should be able to “fly” away

Thing about slows as an agile character is their skills are also slowed and mellka only goes a few feet good yet not so good thing is she is played a lot less probally replaced by Klesse since the update

You can’t escape. Try not to be out of position. Or vet your teammates attention.

It just sucks if you have under 1500 health your pretty much dead within six seconds llc has to take the win for characters that were or are overpowered in my opinion probally still win


I wouldn’t really say, kleese replaced her… Maybe I just never faced a good kleese yet but as long as you destroy his rift network he is still an easy kill.

Well to answer your question, pay attention to your surroundings. Phoebs weakness is slow, stun, (she is still squishy) buildables & quick melee (it can buy you some time so a teammate gets her off your back. If you are out in the open… Lone wolfing it… Expect to die… She is an assassin after all.

Problem with klesse is his damage output in such a short time same with phobe considering at least right now she is the games number one assassin

Slows are probably getting changed at some point so they only effect movement and sprint speed. If they do make a slow that affects attack and reload speed it will probably be a separate CC effect. They may decide that some abilities will use both, but the default slow effect after they change it will only effect movement. One of the developers was talking about the slows during a stream the other night. Pretty interesting stuff.

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I really hope that if I don’t like pendles I might have Ernest or that jennerit to fall back on cause I have 170000 credits saved for pendles but if he isn’t my favorite I think as long as Ernest is agile with jumping around and grenadeing I will have a good use for those credits. or the jennerit I am really hopeing she/he will combine melee and ranged in a balance really hoping for a character that has its own CC effect

Nope. It’s completely El Dragõn. His damage reduction, speed, and stuns make him the only viable assassin in tournaments and the like.

Mellka can literally FLY away.

Pop a spike on the Phoebe and angle your claw spike UP and AWAY diagonally while airborn and you will soar across the freaking map.

Well the thing is that El Dragon has an amazing lore legendary that basically gives him 25% skill damage boost FOR FREE opens up a slot for a skill damage gear as well or hell anything else. Unlike other assassins he’s really freeform in how he builds and El Dragon only needs level two to get his clear which based on which map you are in and what you build is really easy to get. Past that obtaining levels 3 and 4 are pretty quick. Out of all melees I think El Dragon is the one of the handful that I think can actually stand out and be a good pick. Phoebe’s okay but like compared to S&A, Gailiea, Boldur, Rath and Attickus, El Dragon and this isn’t even comparing those 6 within each other and other BB’s?

Also you shouldn’t be alone near Phoebe but once you stop doing that she’s a breeze to kill or throw of and many people have escapes against her or can kill her easy 1v1 if in the later case spot her a it earlier then Phoebe wants them too.

Lore legendaries that have a passive that is a subsidy of other stats equal or greater then what non legendary gear offers are amazing.

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