Escaping melee characters

I’m after some advice please.
I really enjoy playing as Whiskey except for when I get closed down by melee characters.
So, what is the best method of dealing with Phoebe, Pendles, etc?

Keep the grenade with slow for when melee comes at you

And if there are too many melee in the enemy team you can go for the push back on scrap cannon with the 3 stacks at level 2

I also like to use his level 5 Right helix that gives him 20% movement speed for 10 seconds after kill/desctruction, if you play well you should be able to always get the bonus movement speed, it helps a lot

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Quick melee, ping, put down a sticky and run for your life.

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You’re taking the sticky slow right?

Stick, quick melee, turn around and beat feet.


You could just try a combo of what everyone else said sometimes escaping a phobe or pendles can be extremely hard too do especially with the slows they have try to get better at it and find something that works

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Yes I do take Slow sticky, but struggle to hit when I panic!
Thanks for the tips everybody.

Yea, that’s why I usually sticky first then quick melee. Probably more efficient to do it the other say around, but it’s far easier to make sure you land it first while they’re right in your face.

Worth mentioning, I’m pretty sure Whiskey actually has one of the best single target slows against Pendles. I’d need to test it to make sure but since the slow doesn’t have a timed duration on it, instead ending when the grenades explode, Pendles’ natural CC duration reduction shouldn’t affect it. Gets even better with Triple Threat of course.

Haha, that’s why I like Orendi and Ambra. Free panic button or shield. When I play as Phoebe though… that teleport has a long start up.

That’s something you have to play more and get used to.

I hit my nade on all spinning ulting raths just to see them slowly spin to me while I’m shooting their easy head for free crits while I backstep and sometimes turn to do a running jump backwards.