ESDF Keybind Issues

There are numerous issues with keybinds in borderlands 3 for people who don’t use WASD.

  • If you bind an action to T or Y, the action cannot be performed since those are hardcoded to text and voice chat. No warning to the user when rebinding.
  • Rebind primary use key to anything else still has E as the accept key in most dialogs. For ESDF players this means that you move forward when accepting a quest (not a major issue, but could be an issue with gates and driving with E)
  • Vehicle keys are a mess. By default both vehicles and airships have the same WASD controls. Try to rebind to ESDF and you can’t get the vehicle and airship to have the same controls. The system sees binding E to either vehicle or airship forward as a conflict and erases the other one.

bump, same issue

Seriously, what reason can you have to not may keybinds fully changable besides lazy game development.

Played during the free weekend, just wanted to add this is still an issue.

I’ve complained about this too. I’m a QWES player. I’ve also complained that when in menu’s, you can’t use the shortcut keys to jump around. Example: you hit “M” to go to your map. In Borderlands 2, you could then hit “I” to go to your inventory or “L” to go to your quest log. In Borderlands 3, you either have to use Z and/or C, mouse over the buttons and click, or hit “M”, then ESC, then “I”, etc.

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These issues should be addressed. Hopefully one day this simple but annoying problem will be fixed.