Esports Team (Name Change to Team Tag Required)

If BattleBorn does get picked up by Esports i will be aiming for the top. That being said as of right now i’m making a team (with those who wanna be Top Tier) to play in Esports Tournaments.

For those who are interested Message Gt: Death1Cloud

have they made an announcement that its gonna be an esport?

i said IF

Now you are willing to make a team. Offer still stands, I play miko. GT DontPanic122112

Im looking to for a team for esl or tounament play…GT RBD Reezzzeen wipl be on 6pm central

i might be down, gt: WULFeisha

Ok ill add later we will run games ill be on in 5 hours currently at work

US1 x money and US1 x Sparkenit are down for this just send him or I a message on Xbox or add me and I will get back with you

ill be sending one out…ill be on in 2 hours

Still looking

Ill be on in 20 with my bro


put me in if you want GT: Maxxx Brutal

Its not if i want its if your good. What level are you ? What role do you have ? Give me some info.

ok sir…i am level 50 now and can play pusher or mostly harasser and support. Got my kleese mained and ghalt and can play reyna as good hybrid support.

Still looking for players.

We have 2 member still looking