ETA on cross platform?

Hi all,

Its been a while since we’ve heard anything about cross platform. I’m genuinely curious as to why it isn’t already a thing. If the game is made on epic’s unreal engine. Shouldn’t it just be a matter of turning it on? Fortnite had the capabilities well before cross platform was enabled, just wondering what’s actually taking so long? Randy, if you’re reading this, give us something! An ETA, at least.

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Still only 2021 so probably second half of the year.

An engine having the capability for cross-platform networking doesn’t mean it’s just a matter of turning it on, no.

This is funny though, because it’s exactly the kind of thing that gets made into memes. “just turn it on”, “oh, why didn’t we think of that?!” :smiley:

(you’re not meant to have an understanding of what it takes to make something like this happen, it’s all good. It’s just funny that you literally used a meme, but meant it seriously)

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Anxious for more hacked weapons in console games?

As if the modded gun situation on consoles isnt already out of hand lol

Seriously though, we were told ages ago there would be cross platform support for Borderlands 3. Well, 17 months later all we have is Steam and Epic Games crossplay. I was most excited for this game with the understanding I’d get to play it with my brother and friends who all got it on the PS4.

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Well I am sure they are aware of it and possibly even looking into it. As for any information when it will be implemented, not at this time.

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I really hope that they implement something. My brother and I live a good ways away and we played games together growing up. But somehow along the way I became a PS person and he became an xbox person. and we would love to finally have at least 1 game in this world we could play together even though we are on separate consoles. I used to love xbox as well but then it went to crap for a while and customer service sucked so I switched. But now my brother and I have nothing to do together. We miss trash talking and killing each other and working together to kill crap.


Honestly hope they’d just give us an update of some sort. I have multiple friends ranging from playing Xbox to playing PlayStation and me playing pc now and we just can’t play together. I’m also curious if we could get cross save as a feature too like destiny 2 because tbh, unless they announce in the next few months cross play will be a thing, I may just give the game a break. Nothing against the game or developers but I’m not really looking forward to just slowly grind away all the guardian ranks again where as my Xbox profile has most of it if not all.

Isn’t in Destiny all your progress etc stored on server? I really doubt there will be full cross-save option for BL3.

What does that mean exactly? Like saved on their own servers? I’m not exactly sure. But what I am sure about is that gearbox could at least give the reasoning why they can’t or if they can. I mean both of these features have been asked for a while, ever since honestly borderlands 2 became a big hit. So much so that people would go through and basically do a “work around” to do so. Then on top of that they did make the partial exclusivity deal with epic games, company proudly much on the forefront of cross play features. Just doesn’t make sense to me and by saying “oh it’s due to the technical limitations of the software” just doesn’t make sense to me in the slightest because simply put, many games, not including triple A games, have the ability to do so. Just food for thought.

yeah communication from Gearbox would be a wonderful thing. If only we lived in an ideal world where they actually communicated with players about their questions and concerns.


Not to sidetrack the thread per say but even a demo for a game (Outriders) has cross platform. Something like this should have been implemented from the start in my opinion, especially considering how BL is geared toward playing with others.

As for communication from GBX…uh…yeah…